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Pupil Dining Assistants 2024

Calling all Year 2 Pupils - we are advertising for Pupil Dining Assistants.

Return your application form by Monday 24th June 2024

At Light Oaks Infant School, we highly value children taking responsibility for the community. We have fantastic children who are keen to participate fully in the life of the school, becoming a pupil dining assistant is an opportunity for our children to experience working together in creating an inspirational dining environment.


Job description: The pupil dining assistant will be required to work 11.30-12.00 or 12.00 12.30 to support younger diners in the school hall. Occasional overtime may be available and the role will be for the remainder of the Summer term. 


Duties: These will include assisting the lunchtime staff with supporting younger diners to eat using good table manners and use indoor voices. General tidying up –to be responsible for helping to pour water, get help from staff if needed and scrape any leftover food into the trolley, sorting cutlery, plates, cups, etc into the correct areas. Each pupil dining assistant will be allocated a table of 10 young diners.


Wages: 5 marbles each week


Who are we looking for? We are looking for pupils in Years 2 who are sensible, helpful and will be able to pour and tidy carefully and safely. Good hand hygiene is essential – hands washed before and after service and at intervals during service if necessary. Aprons will be made available


Applications can be made by returning this form to the school office with the information below by Monday 24thJune 3.30pm.


Interviews will be held with the Headteacher and a lunchtime staff member during the week commencing Monday 24th June. Work will begin on Monday 1st July


Please complete and return this form to the School Office






Why do you want to be a pupil dining assistant?