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School Uniform

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School Uniform

The Governing Body supports the wearing of a school uniform.

Trousers/ skirt / pinafore Grey

Jumper / cardigan /fleece Blue

Short sleeves polo shirt White

Socks Grey / white

Tights Grey/blue

Dresses Blue (Gingham)

Shoes black

School Uniform may be purchased from any clothing store but sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts with the school logo are available in school. Sizes are as follows; aged 3-4, aged 5-6, aged 7-8


Sweatshirt - £9

Polo shirt - £7

Cardigan - £10

Fleece - £12

PE bag - £4

Book bag - £4

Large book satchel - £6.50


The children are encouraged to be active during the day both indoors and especially outdoors. Many activities and equipment, both large and small, are provided for their enjoyment and to encourage them to develop physically and socially. In order for them to participate and make full use of these facilities as safely as possible it is essential that your child wears appropriate footwear. High heels, platform shoes, plastic shoes without any grip and sandals with thin straps can be hazardous.


Physical Education Clothing

On the class PE day, children will come to school in sporty clothing, tracksuit or shorts (black) and t shirt (white) whilst wearing trainers.

All clothing should be clearly named.


Lost property

Lost and un-named items are kept in lost property bins.

Unclaimed property is cleared out at the end of each term.


The following are not allowed in school:


Jewellery - rings chains, bracelets, and earrings of any type.

Watches for the purpose of telling the time may be worn in Year 1 and Year 2 but this remains at the discretion of the school. School cannot be responsible if damage or loss occurs.

Drinks - other than those brought in packed lunches

Medicines - except inhalers (see Health)

Back packs / large bags.

Toys - unless requested by the teacher linked to work in school.