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Check this page for any letters that we have sent home regarding trips, school run clubs or other important school notices.

Reception and Nursery Holiday Homework

Y1 Holiday Homework

Y2 Holiday Homework

Parent Teacher Consultations - Y1 & Y2

Parent Teacher Consultations - Reception

Parent Teacher Consultations - Nursery

Year 1 & 2 World Book Day

Foundation Stage - World Book Day

Flu Information Leaflet (uploaded 23/05/2017)

World Book Day 2nd March 2017

Pop-up Library Monday 16th January

Please join our PTA

Swinton Library Christmas Family Fun

Home Reading Book Collection

Reception - Morning drop off independence

Reception Curriculum Overview Summer 2

Nursery - Pets at Home Visit to School

Nursery - Curriculum Summer 2

Nursery - All About My Pet - Homework Project

Nursery - Healthy Eating - Fruit

Year 1 & 2 Music Workshop

Mrs Dean's class - Sunshine Day

Mrs Dean - Maternity Leave

Nursery Homework Challenge

Mrs Blake's class - Sunshine Time

Nursery - Teddy Bear's Picnic

Year 1 & 2 Curriculum Workshops

Easter Lunch Special - Offer to Children on packed lunches (Not including Nursery)

Easter Family Challenge

World Book Day

Nursery Afternoon - Easter Bonnet and coffee afternoon

Nursery Morning - Easter Bonnet & coffee morning

Year 1 & 2 Parent/Teacher Consultations

Afternoon Nursery - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Morning Nursery - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Mrs Barnes - Parent/Teacher consultations

Mrs Stirling/Mrs Smyth - Parent/Teacher consultations postponed

Mrs Dean - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Revised holiday dates for 2015/2016 to include EU Referendum additional date

School Closure 23rd June 2016 - Polling Station for EU Referendum

Reception Learning - Spring 2

Newsletter February 2016

Nursery Curriculum - Spring 2

Sunshine Time - Mrs Scott/Miss Kinch - Thursday 11th February

Wear Red Day (whole school) - Friday 12th February

Reception - Craft Club

Nursery and Reception Questionnaire

Year 1 & 2 Water Bottles

Number Challenge Day

Nursery - Chinese New Year Party

Reception - Mini Project - Friendships

Butterfly Family Challenge - Winning Designs

Reception - Curriculum overview Spring 1

Mrs Dean's class - Monsters Sunshine Day

Holiday Dates 2016/2017 and 2017/2018

Mrs Stirling/Mrs Smyth Parent Teacher Consultations

Ordsall Hall Trip - Mrs Scott/Miss Kinch's class

Ordsall Hall Trip - Ms Mann's class

Ordsall Hall trip - Mr Roth's class

Reception Coffee Morning Event

Nursery & Reception - Music & Dance Workshops

Year 2 - Look at what we're doing this half term!

Nursery Curriculum - Spring 1

Nursery - Gross Motor Control Activities

Christmas Jumper Day - 18th December 2015

Reception, Year 1 & 2 Christmas Dinner

Early Reading and Writing

Jingle Jars for Christmas Fair

Mrs Dean - Sunshine Day

Nursery - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Miss Yates - Parent Teacher Consultations

Mrs Dean - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Mrs Barnes - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Year 1 Toy Workshop

Nursery - Our Learning - Autumn 2

Reception Handwriting Workshop Nov.15

Parent/Teacher consultations Y1 & Y2 (Miss Yates class postponed until 16&18 November, details to follow)

Year 2 - Look at what we're doing this half term!

Airport trip - Miss Kinch / Mrs Scott's class

Airport trip - Ms Mann's class

Airport Trip - Mr Roth's class

Reception - Autumn 2 Curriculum

Mrs Blake's class - Sunshine Time

Mrs Dean's - Sunshine Day

Current Parent/carer Open Evening

Year 2 Parent/carers Only - Harvest Collective Worship

Harvest Appeal

Holiday dates 2015 / 2016

Family/Individual photographs

Christmas Tea Towel Order Form

Nursery Learning Autumn

Year 1 & 2 Children coming into school

Year 2 Autumn 1 Keeping Safe and Healthy

Drop In - Year 1 -to Year 2

Drop In - Reception to Year 1

Smarties Day - Reception, Yr1 & Yr2

Year 1 Mobile Farm Visit to School

Y1 & Y2 Mathematics Workshop

Fun Day - Reception, Year 1 & 2

Milk Money £9.65

Class Photgraphs

MORNING Nursery - Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Mr Roth's trip - Bridgewater Canal

Miss Kinch - Bridgewater Canal Trip

Ms Mann's trip -Bridgewater Canal

Reception - independent morning drop off

Mrs Scott's class Sunshine Time

Ms Mann's class - Sunshine Time

Miss Mangnall's class - Sunshine Time

Eco Family Challenge

Reception - Parent jobs

Bake Sale

Mrs Stirling - Light Oaks Park

Miss Farnworth - Light Oaks Park

Mrs Dean - Light Oaks Park

Growing - All Year Groups

Year 1 Phonics Screening Presentation

Park Trip - Year 1

Website drop-in

Goodbye Mrs Fairclough

Mrs Dean's class - Library Visit

Mrs Stirling's class - Library Visit

Mrs Barnes/Miss Farnworth - Library Visit

Reception - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Nursery (afternoon) - Parent/Teacher Consultations

Nursery (morning) - Parent/Teacher Consultations

KS1 Reading Workshop (Year 1 & 2)

World book day Year 1 & 2

Nursery & Reception World Book Day

Medical Information

Year 2 - French Club

Eureka! Reception Trip

Miss Mangnall - Sunshine Time Reward day

Mrs Stirling's Marble Reward Day

Parent Information - Severe Weather Conditions

Ordsall Hall Visit - Yr2 Ms Mann

Ordsall Hall Visit - Yr 2 Miss Kinch

Ordsall Hall Visit - Yr2 Mr Roth

Citywide - Food Allergies and Intolerances

Reception Handwriting Workshop

Year 1 - Look at what we are doing this half term!

Ms Mann's class Mosque Visit

Miss Kinch's class Mosque Visit

Mr Roth's class Mosque Visit

Year 1 homework

Year 2 Ms Mann, Church Visit - 14th January 2015

Year 2 Miss Kinch, Church Visit - 7th January 2015

Year 2 Mr Roth, Church Visit - 7th January 2015

Nursery Staffing for January 2015

Congratulations Mrs Barnes!

Goodbye Miss Black

Nursery Christmas Party Snack

Reception Christmas Party Snack

Year 1 Christmas Party Snack

Year 2 Christmas Party Snack

Nursery Storytime Session

Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 12th December

Christmas Fair - Non uniform for goods

Christmas Dinner - 3rd December

Year 1 - Toy Workshop

Mrs Dean & Mrs Stirling's class - Campfire

KS1 Writing Workshop

Year 1 & 2 Parent/Teacher Consultations

Mrs Barnes - Parent/Teacher Consultation

Reception - Mrs Stirling & Mrs Dean Parent /Teacher Consultations

Reception - Rhyme Week

Afternoon Nursery - Rhyme Week

Morning Nursery - Rhyme Week

Miss Mangnall's Sunshine Time

Mrs Scott's class - Sunshine Time

Temporary amendment to sickness absence

Free Nasal Flu Vaccination

Bonfire Themed Lunch, 7th November

Year 2 - Look at what we're doing this half term!

Industrial Action 14th October 2014

Mrs Dean's class - cinema & pyjama afternoon

Harvest Appeal

Year 2 Harvest Collective Worship

Number Challenge Day, 14th October

Year 1 & 2 Cinema Trip

Family / Individual Photographs

Year 2 'On the Move' Science Show

Better Reading Partners

International Literacy Day

Family Challenge

Nursery - Smarties Maths Day

Mrs Barnes' class - Sunshine Time

Smarties Day - Reception, Year 1 & 2

Reception visit to Yr1 classes

Year 2 Mini Project

Reception and Year 2 pyjama jog

Year 1 Pyjama jog

Nursery and Reception Zoo visit

Year 1&2 Music Workshop

Miss Mangnall - Parent/Teacher Consultation

Nursery Play date

Milk money £7.67

Mrs Scott's class Sunshine Time

Year 1 Park Trip letters / consent

Miss Mangnall Parent/Teacher Consultation postponed

Year 1 & 2 Parent/Teacher Consultations

Class Photographs

Miss Rankin's group spellings

Miss Kinch's group spellings

Nursery World Book Day

World Book Day

Reception Parent/Teacher Consultations

Mrs Barnes' class Sunshine Time

Mr Roth's class Sunshine Time

Ramp up the Red

Eureka! Mrs Dean's class trip

Eureka! Ms Mann's class trip

Eureka! Mrs Barnes' class trip