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Frequently Asked Questions for starting in EYFS


1) Are milk and snacks provided in nursery?

Milk and fruit are provided for all children each day.


2) Who determines what session (AM/PM) the child gets placed on - is it the parent or school?

Salford City Council admissions team decide the session following their criteria.


3) What is your procedure should a child have a toilet-related accident whilst in nursery? Should I bring in a spare pair of clothes?

We ask all parents to provide a bag of spare clothes and underwear in case of any accidents. All children are cleaned in nursery and parents/carers will be informed at the end of the session.


4) How do you keep parents informed of their child's progress for both Nursery and Reception?

We hold parent’s consultations twice a year to update you on your child’s progress and attainment. In Reception we send home knowledge organisers each half term to explain what topics the children are learning about.


5) At the end of a school day, whether that be in nursery, reception or Key Stage 1, how are children handed over to their parents/guardian?

In Nursery and Reception the parents stand outside the classroom doors. The teachers hand each child to their parents one at a time. This does take longer however safety at home time is our key priority. In Key Stage 1, children are dismissed by the teacher one by one once the parent or carer has been identified. Parents are able to ring the office and notify if another adult is collecting their child. During this phone call a series of security questions are asked to confirm it is the parent calling.


6) When do the settling in sessions / play and stay sessions etc normally take place, is it before the Summer holidays? 

Once your place has been confirmed we invite parents/carers and children into school for an open afternoon to see the school, classrooms and meet the staff before the Summer holidays.


7) Is there a cost to school lunches? Do Reception and/or Infants eat at a different time to the older children, or are all children in the hall together when eating dinner? 

Currently all children receive free school meals until the end of year 2.  Lunchtime is between 11.30am and 1pm.


8) What are the school opening times? What hours will the morning session in nursery be between, and the afternoon session please? 

Nursery- Morning session is 8.45am- 11.45am

Nursery- Afternoon session 12.30pm-3.30pm

School Day- 8.55am- 3.30pm.

9) What is the ratio of adults to children in Nursery and Reception? 

Nursery Ratio- 1:13

Reception Ratio- 1:30 however at Light Oaks we prioritise our Early Years and have a full time teacher and teaching assistant in each class at the moment (whilst the budget allows).


10) Are there any rules of the colour of children's coats? Are wetsuits provided in wet weather, or do we need to provide these in addition to wellies etc?

No rules for colour of children’s coat. All in one weather suits are only provided if the children are playing in the outdoor in the water area. Parents are asked to provide wellies for their child.


11) Do you get any external companies coming into school to do activities with the children in reception? Do reception children also get out and about outside of school and go on school trips etc? 

The reception children go on school trips or have visits in school. Trips and visits are linked with learning going on in school each term.



12) Are parents invited to any special events/special assemblies etc? 

We have parents evening twice a year. In Nursery we invite parents into school for a stay and play in December. There are many events throughout the year when parents are invited into school such as family learning workshops, parent information sessions and Dance night in KS1.


13) When in Nursery and Reception, are children allowed to go to the toilet whenever they want, or are there scheduled toilet times where you all go altogether?

In EYFS each classroom has their own toilet and handwashing area. Children are allowed to freely use the toilet during the day.


14) Do you promote/do tooth brushing in nursery?

During our healthy eating topic we discuss different ways to keep our bodies healthy which does include tooth brushing.



15) Is there a sort of counsellor on site that can help a child with certain circumstances, such as the loss of a loved one?

 We have a full time learning mentor who supports children and families with pastoral care.



16) If an additional need is identified, is there a quiet area where my child can have some specialist one on one care? 

Depending on the child’s needs, this will depend on what support is provided from additional adults. We have quiet areas in school such as the sunshine room, library, hall and outdoor areas.


 17) What percentage of pupils reached a good level of development at the end of their Reception year?

GLD 2023 - Light Oaks Infant school 63.3%          National GLD 2022 -  65.2%


18) National Year 1 Phonic Screening - what percentage of your Year 1 children reached the expected standard? And what percentage of your Year 2 children reached the expected standard? 

Light Oaks Infant School Y1 2023 – 78% pass          National 2022 - 75%


19) Key Stage 1 - what percentage of pupils reached the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths?

Reading  - expected 39% Greater Depth 22%        (National expected 49% Greater Depth 18%)

Writing – expected 40% Greater Depth 0%            (National expected 50% Greater Depth 31%)

Maths – expected 62% Greater Depth 4%              (National expected 53% Greater Depth 15%)


20) Is there is a breakfast club and an after school set up in the hall for nursery and reception children. What times do these run from and to please? What is the charge? Are snacks (PM) provided, and breakfast (AM) provided?

The manager for the Breakfast and After school club is called Gaynor Lucketti. Her telephone number is 07528393442. The club is a privately owned business.


21) Does the breakfast club and after school club that takes place within the school hall, does this open during school holidays or is it just during term time? 

Breakfast Club and after school club is during term time. However this year due to high demand the club have opened during some of the school holidays. Please see above for the club manager’s telephone number.


If you have any further questions, please email us at and we can answer any queries via email or arrange for you to have a telephone conversation with Miss Patel, our EYFS lead or Mrs Towers, our Learning Mentor.