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School policies cover every aspect of school life!  Below are some of our most important policies for your information.

Behaviour Policy Development 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

We have begun refining our whole school Behaviour Policy which the staff have been working on since September 21 and we hope to launch fully in September 22. Please see our draft behaviour blueprint. 
Our revised approach is largely based on the work of Paul Dix and his book “When the Adults Change, Everything Changes”. Our proposed policy is based on the understanding that good behaviour is not automatically learned but needs to be taught and that the support of adults is crucial (co-regulation). To ensure there are clear and consistent expectations we continue to use the golden rules/behaviours:

•    We are gentle
•    We are kind and helpful
•    We listen
•    We are honest
•    We work hard
•    We look after property

During this transition we have removed the sun and cloud system with immediate effect and will continue to recognise pupils who follow the golden rules with verbal/non-verbal praise, well done certificates, marbles & reward afternoons. 
Conversely, where pupils find  these rules/behaviours difficult there is a tiered system of support. At a low level they will be reminded, supported and may take part in a “reparation” session. At a more serious level support may include  learning in another classroom or with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the involvement of parent/carers and/or outside agencies. 



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