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Wednesday 6th January


Watch this video about The Fire of London with Magic Grandad

 Discuss with your grown up the sequence of events. Write them down or draw pictures about it for tomorrow.


Have a look at the riddles and write down the correct shape

  • I have 1 side
  • I have no corners
  • I have no parallel sides
  • I only have one curved edge

           I am a………


  • I have 4 straight edges.
  • All my sides are the same length. They are parallel.
  • I have 4 corners.

        I am a …………


  • I have 3 straight edges
  • I have 3 corners.
  • Sometimes two of my sides are at right angles, and sometimes they are not. 

           I am a …………


  • I have 4 straight edges.
  • 2 of my edges are long and 2 are shorter.
  • I also have 4 corners

            I am a …………


Can you write your own shape riddle?

Have a shape hunt around your home.  What shapes can you find?



Today we will be revising the following phoneme-'ear'.

Quick read the words in the power point using 'ear'

Write and sound button words from the power point.

Follow the link below to a phonics play game.


Choose phase 2 and then the 'ear' phoneme.