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Thursday is for Thinking

Thursday 28th May

Imagine you are a new superhero that nobody has ever been before.  🦸‍♀️  🦸‍♂️ 

What would your super power be?

What would you be called? 

What things would you do? 

Where would you live?

Do you have an amazing superhero way of travelling? 

Do you have a superhero phrase or saying? 


And remember Light Oaks Infant School superheroes only use their powers for good things!!

Thursday 21st May

Today try turning capital letters into a simple picture. Eg. Use A as a wizard's hat, use L as the corner of a house or T as the start of a tree.

There are some examples on the document and You Tube clip below to get you started.  Have Fun!

Pictures from letters

How to draw with alphabet | Fun with alphabet | Drawing for Kids | ABCD kids drawing | # ABCD #draw

Hello friends, we have published a new video to learn drawing for children. This video is for kids. So in this video we are showing you how to draw with alph...

Thursday 14th May

This week we'd like you to think about the beautiful world we live in.            Take time to have a look around you at all the different trees, plants and flowers you can see. How many different trees can you spot? Find as many lovely flowers as you can? Do you know their names? How are they similar and different? Which do you like? Maybe you could even draw some or take a picture.

Do you recognise these flowers and trees?

Do you recognise these flowers and trees? 1
Do you recognise these flowers and trees? 2
Do you recognise these flowers and trees? 3
Do you recognise these flowers and trees? 4
Do you recognise these flowers and trees? 5

Thursday 7th May

Today’s challenge is to go on a scavenger hunt and find an item that begins with each letter of the alphabet. enlightened

Don’t forget to Tweet us and let us know how you get on! 

Thursday 30th April

This week you will need 5 different coloured pieces of Lego. You can have some different shapes as well if you like. 

How many different ways can you put them together? 

You can record these by drawing the different ways or taking photographs to make sure you don't have 2 the same! 

Good Luck

Lego Challenge

Lego Challenge 1
Lego Challenge 2
Lego Challenge 3
Lego Challenge 4

Thursday 23rd April

Try a game of I Spy....but not just any I spy!                                              Try I spy something the colour of......  or I spy something made from..... or if you get really clever maybe you can combine lots of clues! 


I spy something beginning with c

I spy something the colour of yellow

I spy something made from wood

I spy something beginning with t, made from wood and brown


Have fun laugh

Miss Mangnall