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Communication, Language and Literacy


Watch 'Dear Zoo'. 


Watch the video 'What's in the box?'. Remember to join in.


This file can also be found in the files on the Nursery TEAMs.


Can you pick another animal and think of some clues? You could record it and send it on TEAMS.




Come and play 'Welcome to the Zoo'. 


Start with 'Meet the Animal'. Can you name the animal? What sound does it make? Click on the animal to check you were right. 


Then move on to 'Guess the Animals'. Listen to the sound and click the correct animal. You can listen to the sound again if you need to.



We are going to continue with the Numberblocks and meet the rest of them. We are going to meet 6,7,8,9 and 10.


Watch 'Now We are Six to Ten'.


You can now add to Numberblocks 1 to 5 that you made yesterday. You could try making 6 to 10 out of something different.


Maybe explore Numberblocks make and play.



On Friday we will be doing Dough Disco to help us with our fine motor skills. You will need play-dough for this. Obviously, you can use shop bought but here is a recipe so you can make it home. (Other recipes can be found on the internet).


2 cups of flour

3/4 cup of salt

4 teaspoons of Creme de Tarte

2 cups of water (straight from the tap)

An optional good drizzle of food colouring.


Put all ingredients in a pan (not your brand new ones) and give it a good stir. 


Next, put the pan on a medium hit and KEEP stirring until the mixture creates a firm but soft dough. 


Wait for it to cool before handling, then maybe soak your pan.