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Reception Class 4 Ms Mann and Mrs Willett



This week in maths we are having a really big push on number recognition to 20. The teen numbers are can be tricky for some children. A fun way to help you child at home to learn their teen numbers is to play teen bingo. During our mental starter this week we are re-capping previous learning of identify the number one more than any number within 20. We are also learning our doubles to 5 then next week we will move onto doubles 6-10. In class we sing a song to help to learn our doubles which is-

1 and 1 is 2,2,2.

2 and 2 is 4,4,4.

3 and 3 is 6,6,6.

4 and 4 is 8,8,8.

5 and 5 is 10,10,10.

Then we start again.

Repeat song..... Once repeated i ask the children to answer double 4 is.... double 1 is..... and I ask the questions in random order.

Our focus in Maths is comparing objects and groups of objects focusing on the language- less, more and the same. Please see the attached link to play the game at home.


This week is phonics assessment week for all the children in reception. We will be assessing what sounds the children know and identify any missing gaps. This helps us to plan accurately for your child's progression in phonics. Phonics play is a free website for you and your child to access. It has lots of fun games to help your child to develop their reading skills at home. Please see the attached link to access the website.


Our theme this week is pets and animals. Our story focus is called The Great Pet Sale. The week the children will be writing the names for the animals. Then our focused writing will be for the children to write words or sentences to describe the animals.

Week beginning 5.11.18




This week in Maths we are focusing on teen numbers. We are learning to recognise and say our teen numbers. Put them in the correct order from 10-20 and understand the value of the 1 in a teen number is 10. We will use different maths resources to help the children understand the value such as Numicom, deens and counters. 


The website topmarks is a fun way to help your child become more engaged with their learning. On this website there are lots of fun maths activities for your child to complete. 

In Literacy this week we are learning the story sparks in the sky, the story is closely linked to Bonfire Night. In Literacy session we are focusing on descriptive language to describe the sound of fireworks such as bang, pop, whizz and zoom. The children will also be sequencing the story using pictures and putting them in order from beginning to end.

Week beginning 15/10/2018



In Literacy this week we will be doing lots of learning based on the story 'The Little Red Hen'. We are going to write all about the characters and use adjectives to describe their personalities. We will be using words like 'happy, friendly, noisy'. You can practise using adjectives at home by describing the things around you e.g. that is a tall tree, or mummy is happy.



In Maths this week we will be learning about sequencing. We will focus on our daily routine, months of the year and simple tasks like using a pen to write our name. We have many different routines during the day, and we all do things a slightly different way. Do you wake up in the morning and have your breakfast straight away? or do you brush your teeth first? ask your children about their daily routines in school.


Art and Design

This week we are going to be doing lots of finger painting, we will be making autumn trees and our very own Little Red Hens.  



Week beginning - 08.10.2018



In literacy this week our theme will be autumn and we will be looking at the special things which happen at this time of year and focusing specifically on all the things to do with harvest.

We are going to look at recipes for pumpkin soup and by the end of the week, we will have written our own.



In maths this week we will be looking at 2D shapes. We are going to compare, draw and even make our own. There are some games here which you could try at home


Don’t forget, P.E. is on Thursday!

Week beginning 01.10.18



This week the class is focusing on size. We are using a wide range of objects to describe different sizes and put them in the correct order from smallest to largest. We will focus on language such as small, tiny, medium, bigger, long, large and tall. There are lots of fun games to play on the internet at 



This week our focus book is the funny bones. We are focusing on identify and naming different parts of the body. We have lots of exciting activities planned such as body yoga, skeleton labelling and 'Simon says'. 


Poetry Week

The children have been practising our poem "Open a Book". We will preforming the poem in front of the whole school on Thursday. Stay tuned as the video will be uploaded on our class page and our Twitter page. 


Open a book poem and read along

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "Number song 1-20 for children" - an upbeat chant that helps kids count the numbers 1-20. The kids all count from 1-20 together three times, each time counting faster than the previous. This is perfect for preschool aged children, and for young learners of ESL and EFL!

Week ending 28/09/2018

This week we have been very busy active counting from 0-20. Not only have we been counting forwards, but also backwards. We have enjoyed lots of different counting activity including, counting blocks and building towers, counting cards and clapping whilst saying our numbers until the rocket blast off. 

In literacy this week we have been learning all about ourselves and why we are special. We have talked about lots of different things but especially the things we have e.g. we have two eyes and one nose, we have also talked about what we are, e.g. we are very, kind and very caring, and we have also painted some very special self-portraits which were lots of fun! 

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Join Jaime for a classic Cosmic Kids yoga adventure. We go on an adventure in yoga poses to the beach even into the ocean. We meet Squish and he helps us discover that it's fun to go on adventures ourselves and we just sometimes need to *decide* to be brave to have fun.

Week ending 21.09.18


We have had a busy week in reception developing our gross motor skills. The children have had lots of fun with cosmic yoga workouts on youtube. Follow the link below to complete a workout at home.

Week beginning 10.09.18


During the first few weeks of this term we will be welcoming our new Reception class children into our school. We will be spending lots of time building friendships, learning school routines and rules.

Uniform items, additional letters and general information can be obtained at our school office.

We look forward to meeting our children the families!

In maths this week we are counting to 20 and recognising numerals to 20. Below is a useful maths link 

for you to play with your child at home.


In writing this week we have been focusing on pencil control and movement. We have been encouraging our children to write the letters in their name. Any activities at home such as writing, colouring and painting really help your child to develop their fine motor skills.

If you have any questions please come and see any member of our team.We are always happy to help and support you during this time!


Miss Youd and Mrs Willett.