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Reception Class 3 Mrs Stirling and Mrs Lewis

Week beginning 24/06/19

This week we have begun our topic of Minibeasts. We read the story of 'Superworm' and thought about the different minibeasts that there are. We found out that some of them have 6 legs, some have 8 and some have none at all. Next week we are going to learn lots of facts about minibeasts and also label the parts of a ladybird.

Mathematics was all about time and we investigated the different things that you can do in a minute and also how many times you can do activities in 60 seconds. How many times can you write your name in a minute? The most our children could do was 10 but that was Max who has a very short name!

So far we have made minibeasts with playdough, looked at the different habitats that they live in and used magnifying glasses to investigate further. Next week we have a visit from some creepy creatures so that should be fantastic.

Next Saturday 6th July is our Summer Fair. Hope to see you there.smiley

Week beginning 17/06/19

This week we have read the story of Barry and his fish fingers. The story was really well loved with lots of children having the story at home. Next week we begin our new topic of 'Minibeasts' with stories to read and facts to learn.

Mathematics this week has been all about number bonds to 10 and after working on number bonds to 5 the previous week we really got into the swing of things. Max and Lottie were brilliant at remembering all the different combinations.

Fun Day! All week the children have been waiting for Friday to come and fingers have been crossed to try and make sure that we had good weather. It was brilliant and the children loved doing the activities with their grown ups watching.

Week beginning 10/06/19

We've had a brilliant week 'Under the Sea'. The Rainbow Fish has been a fantastic story to learn about and we were especially interested in finding out more about octopus. We have been using adjectives to describe different things under the sea and our vocabulary has expanded well.

Maths has been all about number bonds to 5 and we found it tricky at first but then got better. Next week we move on to number bonds to 10. Watch out for the homework.

Lots of different topic work. We have created enormous under the sea pictures together, fished for numbers, painted imaginary fish and done lots of cutting and sticking to label different creatures. We continue next week with this topic which everyone is enjoying.

Week beginning 03/06/19

We've had a fantastic week learning about Spain in our International Week. We have read a traditional Spanish Story called Medio Polito where a chicken helps the wind, river and fire and then they help him to escape  a chef who wants to make him into chicken soup. Next week we begin our new topic- Under the sea- and read the story of a beautiful fish who is very proud and will not share his shiny scales.

This week in mathematics we have been making our own addition problems and learning to count in Spanish. We are getting quite good. Next week we concentrate on number bonds to 5 where we have to find out all the different ways we can make 5. Watch out for the homework to practise.

What a busy week. We have learnt some facts about Spain, tasted Spanish food,made Spanish flags, learned how to dance the Flamenco, made some mosaic pictures like Gaudi and listened to Spanish music and used instruments to accompany it. Full to the brim! Under the Sea next week.

Week beginning 20/05/19

Just a quick blog this week.

We have continued our topic of Pirates and found out lots of facts about them. Everyone found out about their own pirate name and did some pirate writing too.

After the holidays the first week back will be our International Week and our class will be thinking about Spain and finding out about it's different food, language, music and dance. We have a Spanish traditional story to read 'Medio Polito and some different Spanish artists including Gaudi to find out about. It will be a busy week.

Maths this week has been all about patterning and we have dome some pirate patterning and also some work outdoors using natural objects. As you can see from the pictures we really enjoyed going out. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and don't forget that you are back in school on the Tuesday 4th June not the Monday.yessmiley

Week beginning 13/05/19

Our topic of Pirates has been very popular and it continues next week. This week we have read a ibook called Jake's  First Day. It was all about a little boys first day at school where the whole class pretends to be on a pirate ship for the day. Yesterday,in outdoor learning, the children began digging for treasure and we are hoping that this continues into Forest Schools on Friday afternoon.

Mathematics this week has been all about teen numbers and how we can partition them into tens and ones. We used the numicon to model this and the children became really good at showing how a number could be split up. Next week we move onto pirate patterning with numbers, pictures and objects. 

The children have loved our pirate topic, especially our new small world pirate ship- Does anyone have another pirate ship that they do not use any more that they could donate to us. We would be very grateful! We have one more week of Forest Schools and Manchester United coaching so a busy week again next week.

Week beginning 06/05/19

We've had a very busy week again with visitors and Forest School sessions. We have finished our Traditional Tales topic this week by reading 'The Gingerbread Man' and we thought about the characters, settings and plot for the story. We read and watched lots of different versions of the same story and talked about the similarities and differences between them. 

This week in number we have been sharing into half objects and amounts. Linking these to doubles and how we can use one to solve the other has been useful and the children are getting really good at doubling up to 5+5.

This week we have had visits from Manchester United again. We concentrated on body control and practised making patterns with movements as we moved along the ladder on the floor. Next week is dribbling and tackling. Our Forest school session was really good and the children learnt the rules about what they could and couldn't do and how to keep safe.

Our topic for the last two weeks of term is Pirates. So watch out for lots of maps and treasure hunting. 

Week beginning 29/04/19

This week we have been retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We learnt about the characters, sequenced the story and did some fantastic stories to show off our sentence writing skills. Next week we learn The Gingerbread Man story with lots of role play and retelling the story orally.

Mathematics this week was all about counting forwards and backwards and missing numbers. We got better as the week went on and our number formation is getting better too. Next week we begin to halve objects and numbers. Watch for photos. 

We have been using our story telling skills to retell the story of Goldilocks outside, as you can see from the photos and we had a very exciting visit from Manchester United and their coaches who taught us ball skills and control. They will be coming again for the next few weeks. The children loved it!

Week beginning 22/04/19

Our Literacy this week has been all about the 3 Little Pigs and we feel that we really know the story now. We have practised telling the story to our friends and used story language too. We remembered too to start our story with 'Once upon a time'  and ending with 'They all lived happily ever after'. Next week we are reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood and we are not as familiar with this story so we have lots of learning to do.

Mathematics has been all about sharing equally and writing our numbers correctly. We could share different numbers between 2, 3 and 4 on our sharing plates but it had to be fair and each section had to have the same amount. See our photos below. Next week we are counting forwards and backwards to solve problems- forwards we are good at- backwards is another story! We need to practise lots.

Next week we begin our Forest School sessions on Friday afternoon and we also have our Journal Sharing time on Thursday too. A busy week again.

Week beginning 15/04/19

Just a quick note to say welcome back everyone and also to say Happy Easter for the weekend. We have been really busy making cards, having Easter Bonnet parades, solving lots of egg problems and finding all the eggs that the Easter Bunny left for us- we were very lucky!

Next week our topic begins that runs for a few weeks . We are going to be looking at different traditional tales and next week we are reading and writing about 'The Three Little Pigs'. Our maths will be all about sharing and we will be making lots of different houses in construction and playdough. Photos to follow next week.

Have a lovely weekend.smileyyes

Week beginning 25/03/19

This week we have been learning about healthy food and what we need to do to make sure our bodies are healthy. We made lists of healthy food and sorted food too.  By the end of the week we were getting much better at knowing the different types of food and drink to include in our diet. After the holidays we spend a week thinking about the Easter Story and then begin work on traditional Tales such as the 3 little pigs.

Mathematics continued with the tricky area of subtraction and using number lines. We still need to practise a lot but we will return to this tricky subject later in the year. Everyone really worked hard and knew that the final number in the number sentence should get smaller instead of bigger.

We have made our own Mother's day cards, created healthy lunchboxes and were able to say something that we all felt we were good at in Circle Time. PE involved team games and balancing and also feeling how hard our hearts beat when we exercise.

Have a lovely holiday and a good rest!smiley

Week beginning 18/03/19

This week we have been looking at the signs of Spring that have begun to show all around us. We went out in the school grounds and saw blossom on a nearby tree, Daisies, leaves budding and even heard a blackbird singing at the top of a tree. The children wrote their own poem about Spring using adjectives too. We performed our Spring poem too to all the school- ask your child to show you it- they were brilliant!

Mathematics this week has been all about taking away-subtraction. We found it trickier than addition but by the end of the week were getting much better. Our homework helps support this too. Next week we will be thinking again about subtraction using number lines to help us. Keep practising counting backwards as that helps too.

Topic work has continued to be about plant growth as the sunflower we planted has begun to show shoots and leaves. We have made flowers too using different paper and card. Next week we are thinking about ourselves growing and how we keep healthy. Look out for the raffle tickets on sale at the beginning of the day in classes. You might win in the Easter Raffle.

Week beginning 11/03/19

This week we have been continuing our work on growing and this week we have being thinking about Sunflowers. We have planted some, labelled their different parts and also thought about how their life cycle continues. We also made a list of the different things we needed to plant seeds just in case we wanted to plant some at home. Next week we go outside to look for signs of Spring and hopefully write a lovely Spring poem too.

This week in maths we have continued to work on addition and everyone got really good at combining two groups together to make a total. Next week we move on to subtraction with lots of practical'taking away. Watch out for the homework next week to match.

In Topic we have planted and painted and created our own flowers using different petals, stems and leaves. We also decorated lots of cakes and biscuits that we sold on Wednesday. Next week we are planting cress and using different fabric and paper to create our own Spring pictures. 

Week beginning 04/03/19

What a busy week. So much to do and so little time to fit it in. We went for a walk to the Library on Monday and found out about how to use it and about all the fantastic books that you can find there.

In Literacy we have been reading 'The Enormous Watermelon' and writing captions for the different events in the story. Next week we turn to fact/ Non- fiction books as we learn about plants and how they grow.

In maths we will be thinking about larger numbers to add together using the numicon and we might even try some problem solving. Photos next week.

This week in topic we have learnt about different vegetables and about colour mixing. We also accompanied ourselves with instruments. Next week we are planting sunflower seeds and baking for the Bake Sale on Wednesday. Don't forget to come with your money after school- all funds to the EYFS resources.

Week beginning 25/02/19

We have spent a fantastic week in Literacy reading Oliver's Vegetables. We have sequenced the story, investigated the different things that Oliver's Grandad grows, podded peas,found out about rhubarb and wrote a letter to tell Oliver what he should grow next.

Maths this week has been all about measuring using balances. Comparing weights and then using cubes to weigh too was tricky but we got better as we practised. Next week we return to addition with accurate counting and number formation and recognition really important. As well as weighing our children were also remembering our work from before the holiday and kept finding and naming 3D shapes too. 
Our growing topic continues next week and we are going to read'The Enormous Watermelon'. It's also Shrove Tuesday so pancakes anyone?

Week beginning 11/02/19

Just to say that we had some exciting visitors today. As you can see they showed us what they wore to keep people safe and they then let us 'have a go'.

Our topic after the holidays switches to Growing and we begin by reading 'Oliver's Vegetables. We will talk about the names for different vegetables and what they look and feel like too. We're also going to think about what makes a healthy plate of food too. 

Our maths work concentrates on how heavy or light things are and filling different shaped containers with rice, lentils and pasta to find out what changes too.

Have a lovely holiday and come back raring to go! smiley

Week beginning 28/01/19

This week we have been looking at a non- fiction book about Police Officers and finding out what they can do and how they help people. We have been writing facts about Police Officers and thinking about what a person would need to be like to be someone who helps others.

Maths has been all about measuring in length and using the special words that we can use when comparing objects- longer than and shorter than. We have also been learning our doubles for numbers to 5 and beyond. Watch out for the homework on Friday that will help you practise this at home too.

Our topic of 'People Who help us' has thought about the Police Force this week and we have made our own books about the police officers and dressed up as them too. We used the Beebots to get from the police station to a building where there had been a crime.

Oh! Forgot to mention too that we had some snow. Very exciting!

Next week we will be looking at the job that Doctors and Nurses do as well as thinking about keeping safe on the Internet.

Week beginning 21/01/19

In Literacy this week we have been reading the story of the 'Great Pet Sale'. Everyone enjoyed reading about and naming the different animals in the Pet Shop. We found out about Skinks, Geckos and Salamanders but our favourite was the Komodo Dragon! Everyone has been working really hard on their phonic sounds and learning how to say the sounds oa,oi and or when they see them in a word.

Our mathematics has been all about recognising the teen numbers in numerals and also combining 2 groups of objects to make a total . We have also found out about the + and = symbols when adding groups together too. Next week as well as measuring using length we will be learning our doubles to 5+5. Keep practising these at home too.

Our topic work next week changes to 'People who help us' especially concentrating on how Police Officers help us and what type of qualities a person should have to be able to help you out.

As you can see from the pictures below we have really enjoyed this week and I'm sure that next week will just be as exciting. 

Week beginning 14/01/19

We have been reading Mog and the Vet this week as well as looking at other Mog books too. Everyone loves Mog! We have been sequencing the story using story vocabulary ans describing what Mog looks like and how she feels throughout the story. Ella was our Star writer. Well done Ella! Next week we read 'The Great Pet Sale'

Maths has been all about Capacity. We have been using new vocabulary such as empty ,full, nearly empty and almost full and then ordering containers to see which ones hold the most and least.

Next week a lot of our topic work is about Pets and what they need as a home and food and how you might look after them. Hope you liked the calendars that the children made this week- they liked talking about the different seasons and paint and glitter is always a good mix! 

Week beginning 07/01/19

Happy New Year everyone.

We hope you had a lovely break and that Father Christmas brought you everything you wanted.

Our theme for the next few weeks is Pets and Vets and we began this week by reading the story of The tiger who came to tea. Ask your child if they can tell you all the different things that the tiger ate and drank. He was very hungry and thirsty. Can they think of another animal that they might want to come for tea too?

Next week we read Mog and the Vee Ee Tee- always a children's favourite.

This week's maths has been all about the days of the week, months and seasons- keep practising the order of the days as it can be quite tricky. Next week we are doing lots of practical exploring using bottles and containers to find out about capacity. Look out for the homework on Friday as it helps you to think about this before we start.

As you can see from the pictures below we have been busy inside and out.


Week beginning 17/12/18

This week has been full of Christmas activities including our brilliant party on Thursday. We made cards, chocolates and decorated biscuits to take home and then on Friday we began to think about Christmas properly! As you can see from the photos below we had a fab time!

Hope you have a fantastic holiday and a good rest. See you in January.


Week beginning 10/12/18

Just a big 'Well Done' to all the children who took part in our Nativity this week. It was brilliant!

Our Party next week is on Thursday and the children need to dress in their party gear and bring in a small plate of food.

Have a good weekend everybody and see you for a fun packed week next week-we'll be busy

smiley smiley no

Week beginning 03/12/19

Lots of practising this week as the time of our Nativity approaches and from the pictures below you can tell that the children have enjoyed re- enacting the first part of the story.

Maths has been all about counting accurately. Making sure that you don't 'overcount' and point to each objects as you count it. You'd be amazed at how tricky we have found this- so keep practising at home.

Our Nativity is next Tuesday and after that it's Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Week beginning 26/11/18

What a good week we have had. Our work and learning has been all about Hanukkah this week and we have learnt lots of facts. Did you know that you can win chocolate coins when playing Dreidel and that a Menorah is used to light candles for the special celebration? The photos below show that the children loved looking at and finding out about this special festival. 

Our maths work has been all about recognising, writing and ordering numbers to 20. We are still finding teen numbers tricky. Watch out for the homework this week to practise at home.

BBC Bitesize is a good website to play games using numbers to 20 too.

Next week we begin our practises for our Christmas Nativity. Everyone has a part and have already learnt lots of words to our songs. They are very catchy and once you know them you can't stop singing them!


Week beginning 19/11/18

This was our second week together and everyone is really working hard and doing lots of learning. Our Literacy work is using the book 'Whatever Next!' to continue our space theme. We have ordered the events in the book and then thought about using describing words to say what baby bear was like. We are writing a sentence and trying hard to hear and write the sounds that we can hear in the words.

Mathematics this week has been all about doubling- choosing a number and then adding it to itself and finding a total. We are very godd up to 5+5 but then things get tricky when we start with 6+6 and 7+7 etc. Keep practising those numbers both recognising them and being able to record them.

We have been continuing our Space theme with moonscapes, patterns, aliens and space rockets. Last week we also had a fabulous Children in Need day with bright colours everywhere as the photos show..


Week beginning 5.11.18




This week in Maths we are focusing on teen numbers. We are learning to recognise and say our teen numbers. Put them in the correct order from 10-20 and understand the value of the 1 in a teen number is 10. We will use different maths resources to help the children understand the value such as Numicom, deens and counters. 


The website topmarks is a fun way to help your child become more engaged with their learning. On this website there are lots of fun maths activities for your child to complete. 

In Literacy this week we are learning the story sparks in the sky, the story is closely linked to Bonfire Night. In Literacy session we are focusing on descriptive language to describe the sound of fireworks such as bang, pop, whizz and zoom. The children will also be sequencing the story using pictures and putting them in order from beginning to end. 


week beginning 29/10/18



The children are starting to learn about the story of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot in the run up to Bonfire Night. We will encourage the children to retell the story and also to sequence the story in the correct order. The children's writing this week will be to write about how to keep themselves safe on Bonfire Night. You could help to support this at home by looking at,

Phonics will continue on a daily basis. please encourage your child to be thinking about the different sounds that objects begin with or even sounding out simple words such as 'cat'



The children will be counting pictures of fireworks and beginning to learn what teen numbers look like. We will show the children how to use one number name for each object and to count very carefully. They will also be ordering Bonfire Night objects by size and using the language of size.



The children will be doing lots of lovely craft activities connected to Bonfire Night. The will be doing chalk pictures of fireworks, collaging fireworks, making a handprint fire and also printing to make firework explosion pictures. Image result for handprint bonfire

Week beginning 15/10/2018



In Literacy this week we will be doing lots of learning based on the story 'The Little Red Hen'. We are going to write all about the characters and use adjectives to describe their personalities. We will be using words like 'happy, friendly, noisy'. You can practise using adjectives at home by describing the things around you e.g. that is a tall tree, or mummy is happy.



In Maths this week we will be learning about sequencing. We will focus on our daily routine, months of the year and simple tasks like using a pen to write our name. We have many different routines during the day, and we all do things a slightly different way. Do you wake up in the morning and have your breakfast straight away? or do you brush your teeth first? ask your children about their daily routines in school.


Art and Design

This week we are going to be doing lots of finger painting, we will be making autumn trees and our very own Little Red Hens.  

week ending 05/10/18


Maths. This week we are concentrating on measuring and using the language of size when ordering objects. The children will be using language such as longest, shortest, medium, longer, shorter, tall, short. We also practise counting every day and we will be counting up to 30 and back from 20. You could practise this at home with your child. You could also play a game to sort ribbons by size at


Phonics. We are starting our daily phonics sessions this week. The children will be learning a new sound every day and practising sorting objects according to their initial sound. The children will also be learning how to sound out and blend small words. We will be showing the children how to form each letter and they will be using white boards and pens to practise their letter formation. You can help at home by playing games such as eye spy and encouraging your child to hear what sound an object begins with. please visit the 'phonics play' website as there are lots of really good games to help reinforce the phonics that we teach at school.


P.E The children are really enjoying P.E. We play lots of ring games, we practise moving in lots of different ways and we have played games such as traffic lights when we really have to listen to the instructions. You could help at home by encouraging your child to be more independent with dressing and undressing.


Poetry week. It is National poetry week this week and our class have been learning a poem called 'When I grow up' with lots of actions. We will be performing this poem on Thursday in the hall in front of the other classes. I am sure we will be great.


Week ending 28/09/2018

This week we have been very busy active counting from 0-20. Not only have we been counting forwards, but also backwards. We have enjoyed lots of different counting activity including, counting blocks and building towers, counting cards and clapping whilst saying our numbers until the rocket blast off. 

In literacy this week we have been learning all about ourselves and why we are special. We have talked about lots of different things but especially the things we have e.g. we have two eyes and one nose, we have also talked about what we are, e.g. we are very, kind and very caring, and we have also painted some very special self-portraits which were lots of fun! 

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Join Jaime for a classic Cosmic Kids yoga adventure. We go on an adventure in yoga poses to the beach even into the ocean. We meet Squish and he helps us discover that it's fun to go on adventures ourselves and we just sometimes need to *decide* to be brave to have fun.

Week ending 21.09.18


We have had a busy week in reception developing our gross motor skills. The children have had lots of fun with cosmic yoga workouts on youtube. Follow the link below to complete a workout at home.

Week beginning 10.09.18


During the first few weeks of this term we will be welcoming our new Reception class children into our school. We will be spending lots of time building friendships, learning school routines and rules.

Uniform items, additional letters and general information can be obtained at our school office.

We look forward to meeting our children the families!

In maths this week we are counting to 20 and recognising numerals to 20. Below is a useful maths link 

for you to play with your child at home.


In writing this week we have been focusing on pencil control and movement. We have been encouraging our children to write the letters in their name. Any activities at home such as writing, colouring and painting really help your child to develop their fine motor skills.

If you have any questions please come and see any member of our team.We are always happy to help and support you during this time!


Mrs Thompson and Mrs Lewis.