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Reading Planet

We now have access to an online Reading Program called Reading Planet, which is a 'Rising Stars' online reading scheme.


Each week the teachers will assign 3 or 4 books to each child in the year group.

Some books will be more challenging than others and each book has an online quiz that your child can work through on completion of the book.


We will not be able to assign more than 4 books per week at this moment in time.


Your child has their own username which is case and space sensitive.


Google Chrome is the most effective way to access Reading Planet.


Each child’s username will be their first initial followed by their surname.


Example: Child's name: Poppy Brown


USERNAME: P Brown (capitals and spacing is important)


or P Brown-Mitchell using a hyphen (if your child has double barrelled surname)


Some parents will receive an individual text message with your child's username if it does not follow this pattern.

Please keep it safely as we have limited staff in school at the moment.


The password is the same for all children in the school:



Our school log in code is : 621742


To access the online reading scheme please go to


Once you've logged in, if your child is in Nursery, Reception or Year 1 you will choose the 'Reading Planet Online for Reception and KS1.


If your child is in Year 2, your child will be able to access both the KS1 and KS2 planets as there will be some 'challenge' texts set from the KS2 planet. You will need to select the KS2 planet to see these texts.


When a child has read a book and completed the quiz they will receive a gold star. When back in school gold stars will be converted in to bookmark stickers.So children in Y2 will get one sticker for every 4 gold stars that they have. Y1 will get one sticker for every 3 gold stars that they have. Early Years children will get one sticker for every 2 gold stars that they have.


If you have any problems, please email: 

or telephone: 0161 921 1685