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Pupil Premium Plus for Previously Looked after children

Wednesday 11th December


Dear Parent/Special Guardian




Pupil Premium allows extra funding to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils from reception to year 11.  In order to receive this additional funding we are required to provide information to the Department for Education confirming which children meet certain government criteria.


One of the criteria for this additional funding is Children that are adopted or leave care under a Special Guardianship Order or a Residence Order


Schools in England can receive the Pupil Premium for children adopted from care, or who left care under a Special Guardianship Order on or after 30 December 2005.  School can also claim for children who left care under a Residence Order/Child Arrangement Order on or after 14 October 1991.


It is up to those with parental responsibility to decide if they wish the school to know whether their child is adopted, or is under a special guardianship order or residence order/child arrangement order.  If you would like to enable us to claim this premium, you will need to inform us about your child and provide supporting evidence, for example, provide the original Adoption (Court) Order.  You need to self-declare to the school before 16th January 2020 to enable us to claim.


Please help us to maximise the amount of Pupil Premium the school receives by getting in touch with myself before 16th January if you feel your child meets the above criteria.


Yours sincerely,


Lisa Thelwell

Head Teacher