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Government Emergency Alert



You may have seen in the news recently that the government’s new Emergency Alerts system will be tested on Sunday April 23. Here is the sound you will hear:  Example of an emergency alert, announcing a national test on the 23rd of April - YouTube


The new alert system could create a risk to people experiencing domestic abuse, who for their safety have a secret or secondary mobile phone. The alert will play a sound even if the phone is on silent, which and may make the phone be detectable to perpetrators.


The alert will play a loud siren and vibrate, and your phone will not be useable until you acknowledge the alert.


Refuge has shared a video with instructions on how to turn off the emergency alerts on both Android and iPhone.





How to turn off the emergency alerts Managing Emergency Alerts on your phone to stay safe if you're experiencing domestic abuse - YouTube


If you are experiencing Domestic Abuse or have left an abusive relationship you can access support here: Safe in Salford – Salford Foundation


If you need help urgently or are in any danger phone 999.


Safe in Salford Staff are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. To speak to a member of their Domestic Abuse Team you can call 0161 793 3232 or email