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Adverse Weather Conditions



January 2019


Dear Parents,

Severe Weather Conditions and the Closure of Schools

There have been some reports of snow forecast. This could impact on school. Please be reminded of our procedures in the event of emergency school closure. Both schools have been working together in order to be ready, should the snow arrive. Our main aim is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children, parents, carers and staff. We are giving advance notice that there could be a possibility that both schools may have to close for all children or for certain classes, under extreme circumstances. The reason for this is that most teachers live a distance from school, and although conditions may appear to be fine at school, travel may be very difficult and indeed dangerous for them. We will of course make every effort to remain open; closure is based on careful risk assessment and decision making with the Chair of Governors and Local Authority.


In the event of snow/severe weather, the School should be regarded as open until you hear via text answer phone message, the school website, city council closure website or on local radio that it is closed

Text messaging is our primary contact method and so it is essential that your contact details are up to date. We will also inform parents through the answer phone message, school website and local radio.

The school phone numbers are as follow: Infants 0161 788 8099 Juniors 0161 921 1690.


The Evening Before/ In the Early Morning

This information would be relayed by text message to parents, on the school website, answerphone and broadcast on - Key 103, Capital Radio and BBC Radio Manchester. A decision will be made as early as possible. We will also place a message on the school answerphone.


During the School Day

  1. If the School is to be closed early, we will arrange for the information to be relayed by text message, answerphone and on the school website and broadcast on Key 103, Capital Radio and BBC Radio Manchester.

  2. If a decision is made to close the School before the normal end of the School day, we will text message parents and supervise children until the earliest opportunity you are able to collect them. Therefore, parents who are at work or unlikely to be at home will need to make ‘emergency arrangements’ in advance, for childcare.



    The School Website and Text Messaging

    The School website will be updated regularly as a primary mode of communication for instances of severe weather. Please check for regular updates:

    Infant School

    Junior School



    General Points

  1. The School should be regarded as open until you hear via text message, answerphone, read on the website or hear on local radio that it is closed. Parents have a duty to ensure that their children attend School if at all possible. At the same time, parents may properly decide not to send their children to School if they have reasonable cause to be concerned about their safety.

  2. Staff, Parents and pupils are advised to wear sensible clothing and footwear in the event of severe weather.

  3. Some areas of the school ground may be closed, and notices will be posted on the school gates.

  4. In the event of very heavy snowfall we will grit a distinct path at the entrance to school at Russell Rd only, all other entrances will remain closed. This decision will be communicated to parents via text.

  5. It may be possible for paths to have become unsafe during the day when there is no caretaking cover available to grit the paths. It is therefore very important that extreme care is taken when coming on to the school premises later in the day. Paths outside the school are outside the school’s area of responsibility – if they are dangerous we will alert the Highways department to the situation and request their attention.

  6. Nursery provision in the Infants, unless otherwise stated, will be in line with main school. If different, this will be communicated to parents/carers by text and through the Infant School website.

  7. Before and After School Club provision will be decided in consultation with Mrs Lucketti and parents will be advised by text and through the Infant School website.

    We apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused during this time. Please be assured that we will try our best to keep both schools open. Keep this letter in a safe place to refer back to during the winter season.


    With very best wishes


    Miss L Thelwell & Mrs Z Wilkinson

    Head Teachers

    Light Oaks Infant School and Light Oaks Junior School