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In maths this week we will beginning to explore addition. We will be doing this in its simplest form of adding two groups of objects and working out how many altogether. Start by exploring the language of addition.

Add, plus, equals, altogether, more and also looking at the signs they may see + =


Here's a short clip to get you started and to make it fun.


We will be working practically the children may see the written calculation but there is no expectation for them to write the sum or the answer unless you think they are ready. Here are to practical ways you can work at home with addition. 


Addition stories are a great way to help your child understand, you can do this with anything around the house, for example, 

*When using lego use addition language, " I have 2 bricks and you have 3 bricks how many have we got altoegther? That's 2 + 3

*Have a tea party " I  have 3 biscuits and you have 3 biscuits, what's 3+3?

*Family addition " there are 3 boys in our house and 4 girls. How many people altogether?

*Use animals, dolls or dinosaurs to tell addition stories


Use the following interactive game to explore addition, Select x2 trees and add different groups of animals to each tree. e.g. 2 birds on one tree and 3 birds on the other, say 2 add 3  use the language how many is that altogether.


Some games to play


More fun clips