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Have another look at the powerpoint from Wednesday's session.


Look at the symbol for divide. It looks like this  ÷ 

Remember that divide means to share equally.

Gather together some small objects and share them out into different groups or between yourself and your grown-up! How many do you each get?


What happens when you share between more than two people? What happens when you share out an even and an odd amount? At this point, share even amounts!


Below are some colour level questions to complete.


When dividing by 2, share the amounts out by drawing dots between two groups. How many dots are left in one of the groups? That gives you the answer.


When dividing by 10, using the same method would take a lot of time! To speed things up, count up in 10s until you reach the amount you're sharing.


For example 40 divided by 10. Count in tens until you reach 40. 10, 20, 30, 40. That's four jumps of ten so 40 divided by 10 is four.