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LO: To record information using a tally chart


This week we'll be learning about data handling and how we can understand and record information.


We can record information in different ways. In English we might write lists but in Maths we can record information in things such as tally charts and graphs.


Have a look at the powerpoint showing the different colours of cars. Open up the car tally chart. You can either print this off or draw the same chart on a piece of paper. Write down the different colour cars that you see and then each time you see one of the colours, write a little tally (a line) in the tally box. At the end add up the total amount for each car colour that you saw.


What does this information tell you? What was the most popular colour car? What was the least popular colour car? How many more red cars were there than blue cars? Can you think of any more questions that the tally chart could answer?

Here's what a good one would look like.