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In maths this week children will be learning about 3D shapes. We will be using the theme of Christmas to help us by looking at a variety of different shapes presents. When talking about shapes at home ensure you use the correct language.
















When looking at the 3D shapes always refer back to the children' knowledge of 2D shapes and talk about the faces they can see on the 3D shape. e.g. when looking at a cube the children should see that the shape has six square faces.  We talk about 2D shapes being flat and 3D shapes being fat. this helps the children begin to understand the differences. 


Explore the 3D shapes further by talking about which ones roll or slide across the carpet. Also thinking about which ones can stack on top of each other. using language of curved edges or straight edges. 


We will be spending a lot of time using the construction kits this week and thinking about what shapes bricks or lego we have and what shapes be can make while building. 

More fun ideas you can do at home.

Below is a shape powerpoint, it is very detailed and the children are not at this stage required to use all of the language.