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In Maths this week we are going to be exploring number recognition and number formation. All the activities set can be done with numbers 0-15, 0-10 or 0-20. Start by showing your child each number to 10 in a random order. Can they tell you what the number is? If they know all the numbers to 10 repeat with numbers to 20. If they find numbers 0-10 challenging use these numbers throughout the week with the following activities. 


Counting and number recognition

Show children a number ask them to find that many socks, shoes, teddy bears or spoons. Make

it into a race, who's the quickest to get 5 bricks?


Follow these links for some fun songs.


Try these games




Introducing teen numbers


Each day we will be introducing the teen numbers.

Monday 11 and 12

Tuesday 13 and 14

Wednesday 15 and 16

Thursday 17 and 18

Friday, 19 and 20.


It is important when exploring these numbers children have a good understanding that,

11 is one 10 and a 1 one.

12 is one 10 and a 2 ones. 


We will be doing this by using bricks to build a towers. We will get 10 blue bricks and 1 red brick to show the number.


Here are some useful links


The following images give some examples of this.






Number formation


Here are some fun songs and rhymes to help with writing numbers.