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Friday 8th January


Now write a few sentences or take notes about the rest of the events that happened in the story. You will need them for next week to write a proper recount


Have a look at the properties of 3D shapes, can you solve the riddles?

  • I have no flat faces.
  • I have no straight edges.
  • I have just one curved face.

           I am a …………


  • I have one curved face.
  • I have one flat face.
  • My flat face is a circle.

            I am a …………


  • I have 6 flat square faces
  • I have 12 straight edges
  • I have 8 corners.

           I am a …………


  • I have one curved face
  • I have 2 flat circular faces.

I am a …………

Go on a shape hunt around your house or on your daily walk.  Which 3-D shapes can you spot?



In phonics today we will be revising the following phoneme- 'ure'.

Quick read the words containing 'ure' from the power point.

Choose several words from the power point to write and sound button.

Practice your phonic skills by playing the following game.


Select the dragons den game-phase 2-ure phoneme.