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This week we will be thinking about Autumn. Discuss what Autumn is and what you already know about Autumn. Read these poems and think about: What does Autumn look like? Smell like?

Think about Autumn. Look out of the window or in the garden. What can you see?  What can you hear? What can you smell?


Record your answers on a mind map like the one below. You can draw a picture of Autumn in the middle.

Look at some photographs and the poems about Autumn again. Can you find any describing words in the poems? A describing word is called an adjective. The words underlined are adjectives :

The crunchy leaves.

Brown conkers on the floor.


We use adjectives to describe nouns. Can you think of some adjectives to describe the trees?


Now we are going to write our own poems about Autumn. They don't need to rhyme, just use your mind map for ideas and add some adjectives. For example:




Red and orange leaves.

Spiky chestnut shells.

Green wet grass