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Friday 11th December 2020

LO: I can write a letter


Today you will be using your plan from yesterday to write your letter to Little Red from the wolf. Below is a word bank you may wish to use in your letter.


Success Criteria

Every sentence needs to have a capital letter and full stop.




                Dear...                          sorry                 apologise

please                           mistake                                       wrong

                    Promise                         from         forgive




Have a look at the WAGOLL below to help you.


Dear Aisha,


I am writing this letter because I would like to say sorry to you. I feel bad that I left you on your own and pulled a face at you.  I said that your writing isn't neat and that wasn't true. I made a mistake and I admit that I was wrong. I promise you that I will not ignore you again. I hope you forgive me.


Love from Sarah