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Wednesday 9th December

LO- I can write a story


Today we will continue writing our story based on Little Red.


Success Criteria - You need to make sure that:

You say each sentence out loud before you write it (Some children find it helps if you record their sentence so they can play it back as they are writing).

Each sentence has a capital letter and full stop.

You use some conjunctions to join sentences - and but because

Try and include:

Adjectives to describe.


Apostrophes to show who something belongs to


Use these sound mats to help you with your spelling.



There are two different activities, continue the one that you started yesteday.


Task 1: Use the pictures below to continue to retell the story of Little Red. Write a sentence about what is happening in each of the pictures below. We finish the story today.


Task 2: Continue and finish writing your own story using your plan, changing the different parts. Remember to check your sentences include the things from the success criteria. When you have finish reread it to yourself and edit any mistakes that you spot.