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Monday 30th November


LO-I can recognise sentence types

This week we are reading the text Little Red by Lyn Roberts. You can see it here:


Today we will be learning about sentence types again. Last week we worked on commands and questions. This week we will be learning about statements. Have a look at the types of sentences Powerpoint below.

Task 1 - Write your own statement to go with each of the pictures below.

Use the sound mats to help you with your spelling if you need to.







Task 2 - Read the sentences below and sort them into groups of command, statement or question.


Little Red lived with his Mum and Dad.

Where did Grandma live?

Drink the ginger beer.

Why did Little Red wander off the path?

Walk carefully to Grandma’s house.

Who stole my coat?

The wolf ran off to Grandma’s house.

Do you want some ginger beer and cake?

The wolf pounced and swallowed her whole.

Grandma, you look different.

Are you feeling unwell?

Come here Little Red.

Would you like some ginger beer instead?

The wolf loved ginger beer!



Now have a go at the quiz below: