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This week we’re continuing our knowledge of space and astronauts.


We plan to start each day focusing on the book ‘Living in Space’ by Katie Daynes. Can children remember what type of book this is?

None fiction (books that aren’t story books and tells us information).

Show your child the following clips from the international space station.


Can your child label the parts of the space station using sounds they know. Please find attached a diagram of a space station. What sounds can your child hear when writing each label?

(“sh” shower , “t” toilet, “b,e,d – bedroom”.


This week in the classroom we have a rug where you can have a picnic with an alien! What things would you eat/ drink with an alien? Can you write words using the sounds you know on the basket as a shopping list? We have covered ( s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,).


Can you cut out carefully and stick food and drink items onto the attached food basket?


Please find attached space numbers 0-20. Can your child order these with support?


We met some aliens and have found that they speak their own language! The words they use is called Alien “Words!” can you child write and some made up words using the sounds we have done so far.


Please find attached some alien masks to use when writing alien words.