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There are four different types of sentences. Have a look at the powerpoint below to learn about each one.

Have a go at making your own commands beginning with these bossy verbs:













Below are some questions and commands. Sort the sentences in to two groups.


Questions                                                          Commands




Shut the door.

Where is the ball?

Finish your dinner.

Cut the mask out.

How are you today?

Can I help you?

Mix the flour and water together.

Run quickly to an empty space.

What is your name?

Think back to a couple of weeks ago when we wrote instructions how to wash your hands. Can you remember what instructions should include?

Have a look at the example below to remind you.


Somebody has written a set of instructions about making some toast but they don't know how to write it. Have a look at the instructions and find the things that are wrong.

We are going to write another set of instructions about how to play a game. Think of a game that you know how to play that isn't too long, such as how to play hide and seek or tig.


First write a title and list of things that you will need. Make sure you use bullet points.

Next, you need to write the instructions. Each instruction needs to start with a numbered step with each one on a new line. An instruction is a command and will start with an imperative (bossy) verb.

Try and include some adverbs and conjunctions in your writing as well. 




Have another look at the example about how to wash our hands. Have you included everything?