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We hope that you enjoy finding out about all the learning and fun things we have been doing in school. You may even be able to try some at home no

Miss Mangnall 

Week beginning 10/12/18


In English this week we were looking at contractions and how 2 words are joined to make 1 word and the apostrophe is used to show some letters have been removed.

Eg It is = It's,  I am = I'm,  can not = can't. 

Can you match the words to their contraction?


Must not


Could not


Would not


Did not


Do not


We have


She has


They have


He has


You have


We will


They will


Can not


It is



In Maths this week we have been looking at fractions. First we reminded ourselves about recognising half ½  or quarter ¼ of a shape. We then moved onto using careful sharing to find half ½ , quarter ¼ or even three quarters ¾ of a number. 

This link will show you more


Friday 7th December

A huge well done to all the Year 2 children who took part in our Carols by Candlelight. they gave two fantastic performances and it was obvious for all to see how much they loved singing the traditional and modern songs! (Enthusiasm v Excellence surprise)

We hope you all enjoyed it.



This week in Maths we have been working on multiplication and division. 

We started with repeated addition. 

 2+2+2+2 =     

5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5 =



Then we had to change the repeated addition into a multiplication number sentence using the X sign

 2+2+2+2     4 x 2 = 

5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5      8 x 5 = 

10+10+10+10+10+10+10    7 x 10 = 


Next we had to use our knowledge to work out some multiplication word problems.

We then moved onto division, starting with some practical sharing activities and moving onto some division number sentences where we used our knowledge of multiples of 2,5,10 (and some 3 and 4's) to help use work out the answers.

12 ÷ 2=

 20 ÷ 5=

40 ÷ 10=
16 ÷ 2=

9 ÷ 3=


Here are links to some online  games you can try






Week Beginning 26/11/18


In English this week we have been reading a book that is an alternative version of a well known traditional tale.The book is called Little Red By David Roberts. We have then made some changes (characters, settings, events) to create and begin writing our own story.



Maths this week is all about adding. We have explored different strategies to help us add. First we tried keeping the big number in our head and then counting on. Then we used a numberline to show each jump as we counted on (rulers can be a great numberline). We then tried adding two 2 digit numbers using a blank numberline. Starting with the first number, using large jumps to add the 10's and then smaller jumps to add the 1's

This YouTube clip helps to explain this strategy


Week beginning 19/11/18

We will be revisiting instructions again this week. Help your child to find and read different types of instructions that you may have at home such as recipes, games and Lego.


This week in Maths we will be adding multiples of 10 using a 100 square to help if needed. We will also be looking at missing numbers on the 100 square.


As part of our Fighting Fit topic we have been learning about online safety. Have a look at for lots of resources and clips!

Friday 19th October

As part of our topic 'The Place Where I Live' we have been learning about the local artist LS Lowry. We looked closely at some of his pictures and then tried to create some Lowry style pictures of our own.

We also loved listening to the song about his work 'Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs' frown


Matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs (with lyrics)

Brian and Michael -Matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs with lyrics . A tribute to the famous L S Lowry X

Thursday 18th October

This week in Maths we have been busy learning all about time. Not just telling the time but also learning some other key facts - How many months in a year? How many hours in a day? How many minutes in 1 hour? We recapped reading O'clock and half past times and then learnt where the long and short hand go for quarter past and quarter to. Please keep looking at clocks and trying to recognise some of these times at home.

You may like to trying using this on-line clock -


Here's a great game you may like to try -

Monday 8th October

This week in Maths we are thinking about measuring. We will be measuring length using centimetres and metres, weight using grammes and kilogrammes and capacity using milliitres and litres.

Today we had to estimate how long we thought some classroom objects were before carefully measuring them with a ruler.

 Friday 5th October

In our sessions with the PE coach over the last few weeks we have been thinking about ball skills and  teamwork. We have worked on controlling a small ball with our bodies then moved onto controlling it with a hockey stick. We then worked with a partner passing the ball and using accuracy to try to score a goal.

Friday 21st September

In English this week we read a story called Let's Find Fred by Steven Lenton. Fred wanted an adventure and escaped from the zoo! We looked at the features that we needed to include in a good letter and we also looked at using conjunctions (but, so, if, because, and) in our sentences to add more detail and information. Then we wrote a letter to Fred to ask him to come for an adventure in Salford!                       I'm sure if he read our letters he would be coming straight away!