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Welcome to Mr Roth's class section!


Here you'll find information about what we've been learning about in school and what is coming up over the next few weeks. Remember to keep checking to see what we've added!

WB 5/2/18


Thank you to all of the parents who brought junk into school over the past few weeks. We have more than enough now and have begun creating a space buggy using the boxes, bottles and tin foil! The classroom is a little untidy at the moment but the children have been developing some great ideas.


English this week has a cross-curricular focus as we explore Christopher Columbus' journey. The children will be writing descriptive diary entries exploring what it may have been like to spend so much time on one of his ships.


The Maths focus is a mixture of addition and subtraction, number juggling with the numbers and solving word problems featuring both operations. There will be a mixture of one step and two step word problems.


Geography will look at the animals that live in different climates and history will once again focus on famous explorers.


Our spelling, punctuation and grammar focus is past and present tense. It's good to challenge your children with sentence examples while you are sat in traffic in the car!


Our dance performance is coming to an end and our student teacher Miss Henry will be finishing off these sessions! See if the children can remember their moves and actions at home!


Wrap up warm this week!

WB 22/1/18


International week


We're heading to Brazil for international week! Well, not literally (we wish), but hopefully we'll learn as much as we can during the next 5 days to make it feel like we've been to South America on a long distance school trip.


We'll be tasting authentic food from the region, dancing and making things for a carnival at the end of the week and learning lots of facts about the country. The main aim is to compare where we live to a non-European region.


As well as this, the main maths focus is subtraction and using it within word problems. English focuses on the use of commas in a list and we'll be writing our instructions to help us create a mask for our own mini carnival. Geography continues alongside international week with a look a the difference between the words 'weather' and 'climate'. The children will be looking at the different climates around the world.


If you want to do any extra research on Brazil at home, that would be brilliant! It's great having geography experts in class!



WB 15/1/18 


Being emotionally friendly


Thank you for all of the junk that you've been sending in with the children. It will all come in useful over the next couple of weeks.


We've got a trainee teacher in class for the next 9 weeks. Miss Henry will be working alongside me to help the children with their learning and to develop her own skills. It's a great opportunity to have an additional adult in class, helping to support those that need extra clarification and to challenge those that don't! I'm looking forwards to a very busy and interesting few weeks and she's a very welcome addition to our team. The children will love working with her!


During English this week we will be writing about perfect parties and crazy parties and ensuring that all the key elements of good writing are included. We'll also be writing about books that we have read, what we like about them and what we don't.


Maths will be looking at turning repeated addition into multiplication number sentences. We'll be looking at the different strategies to do this and finding the best ways to solve word problems involving multiplication.


It's also 'Emotional Friendly Schools Week'. We'll be chatting about and completing many emotion related activities and finding ways to identify and handle our emotions.


Last week we once again won the attendance trophy! Well done for pulling together and helping your children into school despite all the sniffles and sneezes we have!  :)


Mr Roth

WB 1/1/18 


Happy New Year!


Welcome back to school everybody! I hope all our children and families have had a magical Christmas holiday.


Keep checking back on this page for information about the upcoming topics in Mr Roth's class. You'll also find pictures of the children in action!


The new topic for this half term is 'Explorers!' We'll be learning about what an explorer is, where they might go and what it might be like to be an explorer. What did famous explorers discover? If you have time, chat with your child about any famous explorers they or you may know. This week in particular we'll be asking lots of questions and trying to find the answers so perhaps think of some of your own that you can find out about at home or at school.


The topic covers a lot of history and geography work.


This week in Maths we'll be exploring number patterns and counting up and down from a variety of numbers. This includes counting in 2s, 10s, 5s and 3s.


Our English focus this week will be answering and asking questions.


The main focus for PE this half term begins tomorrow. Gymnastics, balancing and creating displays is always a lot of fun! Please make sure that your child has their full PE kit in school. Mr Roth's class take part in a PE session each Wednesday and Thursday.


Also please ensure that your child regularly reads at home. Remember that your child must read at least four times per week to receive a sticker on their bookmark. Even if they haven't yet finished their book, bring it into school so that they can receive a mark for that day.


Wishing you all a fantastic 2018!


Mr Roth



The Manchester Ridge-back Dragon arrives!


The children arrived into class on Monday morning to quite a surprise! What had happened? Why had paper been ripped up all over the floor? Why was the table turned upside down and scratch marks on the windows? The children were full of questions and blamed a range of things. Cats, elves and even Rudolph but they wouldn't be able to find out the answer without searching for clues!


WB 5/12/16


Another busy week ahead of us! The Christmas Carol concert will be held on Wednesday and Thursday. Our class have been doing their very best to learn the tricky words in some of the more traditional carols. We'll also be sharing the class poem we have been learning. Ask your child if they know the words to the 'Winter Poem!'


There will be a few surprises in store for the children during their English lessons this week! It's one of my favourite weeks to teach. They (and you!) will really have to use their imagination! If they begin to tell you some unusual stories, dig deeper and find out more!


Maths is all about adding tens and ones to numbers. I spoke about this to a lot of parents during the parents consultation meetings. It's a key element to what we learn throughout year 2. It's important that the children know how many tens and ones make up a number and what happens when we add more tens and ones.


Thanks for all the donations for the Christmas Fair. The parents of the children in the class have been ultra generous!

WB 26/9/16 - The Lady with the lamp


Our English work this week is all about a famous person from history who helped to keep many people safe and healthy. Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp, is a focus of ours and we will be looking at creating a report about her and her achievements. We'll be travelling back in time to meet her!


Maths is looking at shapes and the properties of them. It's important to recap what faces, vertices, corners and edges are and how many each 2D and 3D shape has.


Our PE focus is games during the coaching sessions and gymnastics. Well done, we've all got our PE kits in school! Topic work includes continents and oceans and looking at a famous artist, Paul Klee.


Please remind your child to put their home diary into the basket in the morning so that they can swap it for a new book each day.



WB 19/9/16 - Welcome back!


We've been back in school for two weeks now and the children have settled in very quickly! We've already been doing some great learning and have listened well. It can be quite tricky moving from Year 1 to Year 2 but I'm proud of how well the children have responded to the change and the challenges so far.


As a class we've  been looking at Roald Dahl and his books and have enjoyed reading 'The Twits' and by popular request 'Fantastic Mr Fox!' There have been plenty of opportunities to explore maths and some of this has been cross curricular work in science.


PE has been exploring 'Invasion Games' with our sports coach Mr Tierney and gymnastics during our other sessions. Keep an eye out for some photos of the children in action!


We've been busy introducing other subjects too and the children have been very interested and of course, enthusiastic!


Please remember to keep bringing your child's home diary and water bottle into school! They are both important for different reasons!



Practising for the Olympics!


.... or a class competition at least!


Our class have been learning about hurdling in PE this week. They've needed to remember to sprint fast between them and get their legs (especially the trailing leg!) over the top. It was a sunny but windy day and the children got plenty of exercise simply by picking up the hurdles each time the wind blew them over! They have been using the stop watches to time each other too!



Wb 2/5/16


Only three days in school this week but they'll be three very busy ones! Maths this week is looking at making totals with money and telling the time, so open your purses and wallets and get spending with the children but let them do the adding up!


Below are some pictures of our science workshop activity we took part in on Friday. The class worked together in teams to solve the clues about a fictional burglary. They had to look at finger prints, photographs and DNA results as well as other clues found in a broken safe!


As always the class were fantastic at working together and figuring things out and quickly discovered the culprit!

Looking for clues!

Looking for clues! 1
Looking for clues! 2
Looking for clues! 3
Looking for clues! 4

WB 7/3/16


This past week the children have been using their animal research to write a report and become experts about their chosen animal! I've been learning some new facts myself! This week the children will be joining their animal on a journey around some of their favourite places and planning a story around this.


The maths focus will be fractions of a shape and fractions of a number. We've been doing lots of maths quizzes and the children have proven to be a determined bunch! They never give up!


Our topic of 'Famous People' continues and we will begin to focus on certain individuals who have made great contributions to world history. 


In PE the children will be using balances to create performances and find new ways to challenge themselves. They have been brilliant at working together doing this!


Please remember to return the children's water bottles each day.


Let's hope that weather isn't as cold and wet and the children can get outside a little bit more!



WB 19/10/15


This week we will be completing this section of work on traditional stories, in particular Little Red Riding Hood. We will be writing letters to Little Red Riding Hood and exploring alternative versions of the story.


In Maths we will be looking at using empty numbers lines to solve addition sums and problems.


The children have been enjoying our dance focus in PE and we'll be continuing this during our sessions this week.


LAST WEEK we won the attendance trophy yet again despite having numerous children (and Mr Roth!) being a little poorly during the week. The children have been reminded on how to keep themselves healthy, in particular washing their hands during the day! This fits in perfectly with this half term's topic 'Keeping Safe and Healthy'!


12/03/15 - Year 2 Hockey Tournament results


In recent weeks Year 2 classes have been learning about hockey skills during PE sessions. Today the classes took part in a mini hockey tournament to showcase their skills! Mr Roth's class were proud to be named champions following their four games! The tournament league table and results can be seen below:










Mr Roth








Ms Mann








Miss Kinch









Mr Roth      1 - 0  Ms Mann

Ms Mann    2 - 2  Miss Kinch

Miss Kinch  0 - 0  Mr Roth

Ms Mann    0 - 0  Mr Roth

Miss Kinch  0 - 0  Ms Mann

Mr Roth      3 - 1 Miss Kinch

16/01/15 - Ciao!


It's international week and our class have been learning all about Italy. We have focussed on some famous cities in the country including the capital city Rome, Pisa, Venice and the ancient city of Pompeii and have heard about the story of the famous volcano Mount Vesuvius.


In pairs the children have been creating their own information books and they look fantastic! The children have decided which sections they should include and have been working together to decide on which information is the most interesting. The children have also been creating Venetian carnival masks.


In PE the children have been learning all about winter dances and working with the PE coach to begin to develop their tennis skills. Ask the children to show you how to 'swat the fly', 'slam the door' and 'clear the table!'


Our special places theme continues and next week we'll be visiting the mosque. The children will find this visit fascinating and are very much looking forwards to it.


Mr Roth's class are crazy about health and fitness!


This past half term the children have been learning all about keeping safe and healthy. We now know which kinds of foods help contribute to a healthy lifestyle and what we need to include in a balanced diet. We also made some healthy fruit cocktails and used our numeracy skills to decide what fraction of each juice we wanted in each cup!


As part of out topic, we've talked about sports and games that may allow us to be a little more active than those that we are used to playing. The children have been asking to learn about a new sport so we decided to learn how to play hockey.


During our class PE sessions the children have been taking part in a hockey tournament. Each team played each other once and we used our numeracy skills to work out how many points the teams achieved and how many goals each team scored.


Green group won the league (with a little help from Mr Roth!) but the children used their new hockey skills extremely well and can't wait to play hockey again and think about some more new sports to enjoy.


Keep your eyes peeled for some more exciting sports related news on the school's website over the next few weeks!  smiley