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Year 2 Class 10 Miss Kinch/Mrs Scott

Welcome to our class page. On here you will find out about the different things that we do in the classroom and the visits and visitors that make our curriculum exciting. Most weeks there will be an update on our learning and details about our Star Writer, Maths Magician and sometimes homework.

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Week beginning 17/09/18

This week in English we have been learning about using conjunctions and reading the 'Let's Find Fred' book. We wrote a letter to Fred and asked him to come and visit Salford. We told him about all the different places that he could visit. Next week we use the story as a basis to write our own, changing some of the main events and characters.

Our Star Writer this week was Lena who wrote a great letter to Fred. Well Done Lena! no

Topic work this week was a mixture of Art, History and Geography. We went outside and used our pencil shading techniques to draw an observational drawing of the sand hills. We had to look really carefully. Geography introduced us to the points on a compass- North South East and West- and History found us putting events on a time line, including when we were born too. 

Maths has been all about partitioning ( splitting numbers into tens and ones) and place value. Here are some of the children working hard to master these maths skills.

Our Maths Master this week is Maxwell. Well done Maxwell!


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Week beginning 10/09/18

We have had a really good week finding out about places in Salford and creating a brochure for them. The children have been learning to use conjunctions (so, if, because, when) to make their sentences more interesting.

Maths has been all about numbers, number lines and number squares- Do you know the 100 number square so well that you can use the rows and columns to solve problems? That's what we will be practising. Next week we remind ourselves about place value and splitting numbers up into different combinations of 10s and 1s.(Tricky!)

In History we have been getting used to using historical time vocabulary-Long ago,recent past, present etc. We looked at photographs and artefacts and decided when they were used and the clues that told us this. 

In Geography ,linked to our topic of 'The Place Where I Live', we began looking at maps of the local area and finding key features.

Our Star Writer this week was Aleena and our Maths Magician was Sam- Well done to both.

Have a fantastic weekend!smileyno

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