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Year 2 Class 10 Miss Kinch/Mrs Scott

Welcome to our class page.


I hope you enjoy finding out what we are doing in class. This will be an area that will celebrate our learning and keep you up to date with the things we are doing in class. Please check this page as much as you can as there will be things for you and your children to see and do.


Thank you

Miss Kinch and Mrs Scott

Week beginning 20/11/17

Our English work this week was devoted to writing more complex instructions involving good 'Bossy' verbs and adverbs. We wrote some very detailed instructions about how to play Scarecrow Tig. Next week we begin a new story called 'Little Red' which is a new version of a Traditional Tale that you might know. 

Mathematics has been all about statistics, collecting information through tallies and making different charts. The children got very good at reading and making graphs and also answering questions about the information on them. Next week money- totals and change!

Our topic work contained lots of interesting activities this week including science experiments including exercise, our sponsored keep fit and some excellent tennis skills work from our sports coach. Yes- we have also been practising hard for our Carols by Candlelight show in a couple of weeks- It's getting closer!!!

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Week beginning 13/11/17

We finished our story writing this week based on Jack and the Baked Beanstalk. The star writer of the week was Riley Whitman. Next week we move on to more complex instructions using adjectives, adjectives and commas in a list.

Mathematics this week was all about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We learnt about angles and right angles and vertices. A bit tricky but everyone did well. Watch out for the homework this weekend.

We had visitors this week from Manchester Storm Ice Hockey team. It linked with our topic about keeping healthy, playing and working as a team and taking exercise. We have nearly completed our Paul Klee inspired art work on body shapes and line drawings and in science we are going to do some investigations involving measurement and fair testing.

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Week beginning 06/11/17

Hi all.

We have had an interesting week writing instructions in English with a 'Bossy' verb first. We made Jam sandwiches then ate them and wrote some good instructions including adverbs too. Connie Murphy was our Star Writer of the Week. Next week we begin to write a story based on the Jack and the Baked Beanstalk format as story we have read this week.

Maths was all about multiplication and division- finding out the relationship between them- and solving problems too. Next week 2D and 3D shape and their properties.

Our topic work has included work on Living and non living things, keeping safe on the internet and Art and Design linked to Paul Klee line drawings. Thankyou to all those people who worked to create a poppy for our poppy field on the sandhills and photos to follow.

See you next week! smiley 

Week beginning 30/10/17

Back to school with a bang(literally) this week. Halloween was fun but made us all a bit tired and then we were all thinking about Bonfire Night too. Our English this week was all about writing a newspaper report about the Gunpowder Plot and Amber Barry was chosen as our Star Writer of the week.

Maths was linked to doubles as well as estimating and rounding numbers up or down depending on the number. Watch out for the homework that has come home linked to this.

Our topic has changed to 'Fighting Fit' now and we have begun all sorts of work in different curriculum areas. As part of our Art and Design work we created a watercolour backwash,just like Paul Klee used to do, ready for us to draw figures on next week. Here are just a few pictures of the children working hard to create these and you can also see how bright and colourful they looked in their different, bright clothes for'Glow Day'. 

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Week beginning 16/10/17

Our week has been full as usual. We completed our ebooks, wrote a postcard, learnt to tell the time more accurately and had an ICT afternoon as our Sunshine Time. Hope you caught the photo on our Twitter feed!

After the holidays we begin our 'Fighting Fit!' topic. Watch out for the Parents Information leaflet on the first week back.

Have a lovely holiday and a rest and we will see you in a week.smileysmileysmiley 

Week beginning 09/10/17

English this week has been linked to the trip to Ordsall Hall. We worked in threes to plan and create an ebook using digital content for photographs,text and effects(such as sound buttons).

They aren't quite finished yet but hopefully we will be able to publish some next week.

Next week's English uses the story of the Town Mouse and Country Mouse as it's basis.

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Mathematics has been all about measures-length, weight and capacity and the correct units to use .Next week we turn our attention to the tricky topic of time- can you tell the time using a watch with hands? O'clock, half past,quarter to and past- we will meet it all including problem solving!


This is the last week before the holidays and our topic will end. Watch out for the parents information leaflet which will give you details about the new topic'Fighting Fit!'- all about exercise and healthy eating.

Just a final reminder that it is our Sunshine timesmileyno on Wednesday 18th October when we are having our computing/ICT afternoon. Watch out for the letter coming home about it.

Wk beginning 02/10/17

Our poems about living in the city were really good and Matthew's was chosen as Writing Star of the Week for his. It used lots of adjectives and noun phrases and really gave you a sense of what he hears and sees as he travels around.

Maths was halving and doubling and we had to remember which was which. Watch out for the homework that will help with some additional practise and memory jogging. Back next week please.

It was our long awaited visit to Ordsall Hall on Tuesday and a good time was had by all. We learnt a lot about Tudor times and the similarities and differences between then and now. You can see from the photos how interesting it was. We took lots of photographs and next week as part of our English we are going to create an electronic report of our visit.

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Week beginning 25/09/17

We continued this week to write our stories based on the Let's find Fred book. We thought of a different central character and then changed the places that he went to to have his exciting adventures. Next week a total change as we look at poems related to city life and write a poem of our own too using amazing adjectives.

Maths has been all about arrays, repeated addition and multiplication. A tricky idea but we seemed to do really well.

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And finally the weather was kind to us and we had our Fun Day on Tuesday. Everyone really enjoyed themselves parents as well as children!
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Week beginning 18/09/17

Our English this week used the book 'Let's Find Fred'. The story is about a panda called Fred who visits lots of places but is never where he should be! We wrote a letter to him to ask him to come and visit us in Salford and next week we are going to write a story, changing the places he visits.

Maths was all about partitioning numbers and also using the greater than and less than symbols. Watch out for the homework this week to practice using them.

Geography was about the local environment and the children looked at a map and found local features and landmarks. Below are a few pictures showing them working hard in pairs to find everything they could.   

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Week beginning 11/09/17

We have had a really good week finding out about places in Salford and creating a brochure for them. The children have been learning to use conjunctions (so, if, because, when) to make their sentences more interesting.

Maths has been all about numbers, number lines and number squares- Do you know the 100 number square so well that you can use the rows and columns to solve problems? That's what we will be practising. Next week we remind ourselves about place value and splitting numbers up into different combinations of 10s and 1s.(Tricky!)

In History we have been getting used to using historical time vocabulary-Long ago,recent past, present etc. We looked at photographs and artefacts and decided when they were used and the clues that told us this. Below are some of the objects we talked about.

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Don't forget to keep an eye out for homework coming home on Friday. Comprehension and Maths due in next weeksmiley

Wb 04 09 17 Welcome Back everyone!

Well done to everyone this week. We have been working hard and learning new routines and have also been listening to The Twits by Roald Dahl.

One of the tricks played by Mrs Twit was feeding Mr. Twit worms in his spaghetti! As you can see we all enjoyed putting our hands in the spaghetti in our class and using adjectives to describe it. 

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Just a reminder that our PE sessions are Wednesday and Thursday so kit needs to be in for then.

Have a lovely weekend and Miss Kinch and Mrs. Scott will see you next week.smiley