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Year 1 Class 5 Mrs Dean

Week beginning 14/5/18

Wow what an exciting time we have been having with this half terms topic learning all about robots.

We have been learning about how robots and humans are different.  We have also been learning about the different jobs that robots do.

We had a great time when Mr Robot visited and introduced us to the process of writing algorithms.












Then we used what we had learned to program bee-bots and to complete challenges on the I-pads.


In mathematics this week we are learning about multiplication.

We are learning how to read multiplication sentences  (e.g. 2x5=) and that this means 2 groups of five of five groups of two.  We can then make or draw 2 groups of five or five groups of two to find the answer.

In year one the children are expected to be able to count in 2's, 5's and 10's.  You may wish to work on the 2, 5 and 10 times table.

Week beginning 26/3/18

What an exciting half term we have had.

We have had.......

Easter hat parades.











Treasure hunts.















Trips to the park.











Lots and lots of planting and learning about flowers and trees.


In English this week we have been writing speech bubbles.

We have been talking about the hero which lives on the inside of each of us.  The hero which helps us to keep on trying and not give up.

The children then wrote a speech bubble for their hero.











Why not have a go at writing some speech bubbles at home.  What does Mum or Dad's hero on the inside say to them?


In mathematics this week we have been revising our knowledge of the numbers from 1-100.  It is a year one requirement that all children recognise the numbers from 1-100 by the end of the year.

If your child already recognises all these numbers they can then move on to recognising number patterns.

Each child has brought home some maths homework for over the holidays which will help them to develop the above skills.

Week beginning 5/3/18

Our new topic for this half term is growth and green fingers.

Thank you to everybody who sent in plant pots and seeds.

We have all enjoyed planting a runner bean seed last week.

I wonder how quickly they will grow?

The children really enjoyed world book day.

What fabulous costumes you all came to school in.  I was so impressed with you character potatoes and carrots.

We had a visit from the author Nicola Senior who wrote the book Wolfie's Secret.

The children enjoyed meeting a real life author and dressing as the characters from the story.

Week beginning 12/2/18

Thank you so much to all the relatives who attended grandparents day.

The children had an amazing time and learnt a lot.

We loved hearing stories about what life was like when our grandparents were growing up.  The children have remembered these stories really well and have been able to make comparisons with their own lives.


Following on from this lovely visit we wrote a recount of grandparents day in English.

We focused on writing a good introduction which included who, what, where and when.  We also focused on using time connectives such as first, next, then and finally.

Well done to Charlotte who was chosen as star writer this week for her wonderful recount about grandparents day.


In maths we have been focusing on missing number problems such as    8 +___=15.

The children have made great progress with this.  They have each been given a piece of homework to practice this at home.

Well done to Lee-J who is this weeks Maths master.

Week beginning 29th January 2018.

Well done to all of the children for filling our marble jar.  You have worked very hard so far this half term.

I loved seeing all of your 'baddie' and 'goodie' costumes.

I think we all enjoyed the chocolate pancakes.  A special thank you to Jaxon who has been voting  for this idea since reception.


In English we are learning more about characters and settings.

Next week we will be writing our own descriptions of settings using good adjectives to describe what it is like.


In mathematics we have been working on repeated addition and making arrays.

I have asked the children to complete a practical homework this week.

Can they use beads, biscuits, sweets or other small objects to make an array which shows 5X2=

or 4X10=.


Number Day!

As always number day has been enjoyed by all the children.

Have a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to.

Thank you for your kind contributions to the NSPCC.

Week Beginning 15/1/18

Recently we have enjoyed a visit from the school health team.

We learnt all about healthy eating and exercise.

We talked about the correct portion size that we should be eating and also eating five portions of fruit and veg a day.

We made fruit kebabs and healthy sandwiches.


This terms topic.

This term our topic is called 'my family album'.

We will be learning all about how we grow and change.  We will also be talking about the differences between our own childhoods and those of our family members.

As part of this topic we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Carson's little sister 'Piper'.

The children loved this visit and learnt lots about looking after a baby.

Thank you so much Carson, Piper and Mum.

Don't forget Grandparents day!

The children are really excited about this event I really hope some grandparents will join us for a fun afternoon.

This will take place on Wednesday 7th February 2018-at 2:15pm.

This week is emotionally friendly schools week.

We will be talking about our emotions and how we can learn to express them positively.


Listening to poems about emotions.

Describing our feelings.

Writing sentences about how we feel in different situations.


We will be learning more about shapes both 2-D and 3-D and describing their properties.


Week beginning 18/12/17

Wow what a fantastic Christmas show the children produced. I am so proud of each and every one of them.

Week beginning 27/11/17

This week we have been continuing our work on the great fire of London.  We looked at how houses were built in the 17th century.  We used thick black markers on white paper to create pictures of 17th century houses.

Why not have a go at this at home.




This week in mathematics we have been looking at time.  We have been timing in seconds how long it takes to complete certain tasks.  We have also been comparing times to see which activities were shorter or longer.  

The children each have a piece of homework to help you explore this further at home.

This weeks Maths star is Charlotte.


In English this week we have been looking at the story 'The Princess and the Dragon'.

The children have re-wrote the story with an alternative ending.

Ask your child if they can re-tell this story to you.

Week beginning 2/10/17

Wow what a wonderful visit we had from 'Animals Take Over' today.

The children really enjoyed meeting all the animals.  They were able to talk about the facts they had already learned this half term.  We also learned lots of new information.

The children were really keen to share these photographs with you.  I hope you enjoy looking at them together.


This week we have been talking about adjectives.  The children have been thinking of good adjectives to describe the animals that visited school.


This week we have begun looking at partitioning numbers into tens and ones.  We will be re-visiting this topic lots during the next term.


As part of this terms topic about animals and habitats.  This week we have been learning about what makes an animal a mammal, amphibian, reptile, fish, bird or insect.

Why not have a look at the photographs of this weeks visitors together and work out which category each one belongs to. 

Week beginning 25/9/17


This week in English we have been enjoying the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.

We have been identifying the characters, settings and events in story and putting them in sequence.

The children loved working in a group with some friends to create a story map.

The children then used the story maps to help them write a retell of the story.

This weeks star writer is Leila.  Well done for remembering to use finger spaces.


This week we have been learning more about animals and their habitats.

The children do need to be able to talk about common herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Please have a chat at home about what these words mean.  Can you make a list of animals that are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores?  If you can i would love to see it next week.


This week in mathematics we have been learning about measuring in cm using a ruler.

I'm sure you will be able to find lots of measuring activities to support this learning at home.  Why not try measuring different soft toys or action figures using a ruler or tape measure.

This weeks maths master is Elijah.

Welcome to our year one class page.

This term our topic is possums, penguins and pigs.

Over the course of this half term we will be learning about different habitats and how animals adapt to living there.



This week in English we have been writing sentences all about animals that live in hot climates.

We have been writing about bearded dragons, scorpions and camels.

Our big focus has been making sure our sentences begin with a capital letter, end in a full stop and have finger spaces between each word.

Please help to practice this at home.

This weeks star writer is Holly.

Well done for using good finger spaces and punctuation.


In mathematics we have been working on counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.

Please help your child to practice this at home.

We are also working on how we can use counting in of 2's, 5's and 10's to help us solve problems.

This weeks maths master is Carson.

Well done you have used counting in 10's to help you solve some problems.


In geography we have been locating hot climates and exploring desert habitats.

You could have a look on google earth together and find some hot climates.

In science we have been learning more about creatures that live in desert habitats.

Ask your children these questions to see if they can recall the information we looked at.

Is a scorpion an insect?

Are a camels humps full of water?

Do tarantulas spin webs?

In art we have been exploring the work of Wassily Kandinsky.  We have tried to recreate his concentric circles using hot and cold colours.

I think they look amazing.

Leila created hers using paint.











Wes created his using oil pastels.











Why not have a go at creating some of your own Kandinsky inspired art at home.