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Year 1 Class 5 Miss Mangnall

Welcome to our class page.smiley

We hope that you enjoy finding out about the learning that takes place and things you can do at home.

Miss Mangnall           

Well we've finally made it! The last day of Year 1 smiley

It's been a busy year with so many new things to experience and days full of learning.

Everyone has worked amazingly hard and made great progress. I am incredibly proud of each and everyone of the 30 children.   Thanks to all our parents, grandparents etc for all your help and support.

In fact it's been so much fun and they're such a good class I'm not ready to pass them on for another year! surprise

I will look forward to our class family getting together again on Wednesday 6th September all ready to begin our Year 2 adventure. 

Have a fantastic holiday everyone and stay safe. 

Miss Mangnall (and Miss Filer) 


PS. Don't forget to have look at some of our homework sheets over the holiday. 

Friday 14th July

Earlier this week it was 'time to rhyme'! We played some rhyming games and then looked at the poem Rosemary Rudd (see below) We think that she liked mud because it rhymes with her name. So we started to think about what other strange people might like and then  describe what it looks/feels/sounds/tastes/smells like.  Eg Mr White likes it when its bright! Its sunny and warm. 

You may want to try some of these.......

Miss Trot likes....

Mr Hope likes.......

Mrs Hook likes........

Mr Bun likes........

Miss Land likes.......

or you could even make up some of your own.




Rosemary Rudd


Rosemary Rudd

Says, “I like mud!”


It’s squelchy! It’s gooey!

It’s sticky! It’s gluey!


You can pick it up and hold it.

You can shape it. You can mould it.


It slips and it slops.

It drips and it drops.


It gets between your fingers.

It gets between your toes.

It gets itself all over you –

It gets right up your nose!


By John Foster

Friday 16th June

A big well done to all the children for fantastic reading and blending in the phonic screening. Everyone tried their hardest and made me proud!  nosmileyfrownno



Yesterday we had the music workshop. Part of our music curriculum is listening to live music and today we had a visit from two gentlemen who showed us how brilliant it can be. They both played brass instruments (a tuba and a trombone) and the theme they played to was 'Animals' to match our topic. Our class were accompanying too.

Music Workshop

Music Workshop 1
Music Workshop 2
Music Workshop 3
Music Workshop 4
Music Workshop 5

Friday 9th June

We are continuing to work really hard with our phonics  in year 1 (and lots of children have even been busy with phonics homework  over recent the holidays.) We are encouraging lots of blending especially with longer words, phoneme spotting when you read a book (see the phoneme sheets we sent home), adding sound buttons to words and making and reading some alien/nonsense words.




Alien Words

 Friday 9th June

This week in Maths we have been looking at time. We reminded ourselves about the months of the year and the days of the week. We looked at a page from a calendar and answered questions about the days and the dates. Then we talked about, hours, minutes and seconds. We had great fun using the stopwatches to time each other completing simple tasks. Finally we used the clocks to read and set times including O' clock, half past, quarter past and we're just starting to look at quarter to.

Please help the children get really used to using all these time skills and knowledge.



A wheely good term ahead. 


Welcome back everyone!


This summer in DT the children will be learning about wheels and axles. Every child will design then make their own mini vehicle to carry an animal (animals is our science topic). The teachers will need a small light box for each child, so we can put it on wheels. Tissue boxes are perfect. 


Please could the children begin bringing these into class (as many as you have) as soon as possible then we can get motoring. 

Friday 19th May

Over the last 2 weeks we have been looking closely at trees. We have looked at their trunks, leaves, blossom and seeds and have been trying hard to recognise and remember the names of some of the trees we see most of around school, in the park and maybe at home.

Here are some powerpoints that may help you recognise and learn the names of popular trees.

Tuesday 9th May

Today was our Sunshine Time and we chose to have a sporty themed day. Everyone came in their sports clothes ready for a day of sports action!

We watched Usain Bolt run 100m in 9.58 seconds and then used some timers to see what we could do in 9.58 seconds. We found it wasn't very long at all and we couldn't do much!!

In the afternoon we tried to measure 100m using the 1 metre sticks and were surprised to find that our playground wasn't big enough and we could only get to about 30m. So we tried to run 30m as fast as we could but we soon realised why Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth. 

We also played some target games, adding up the scores ourselves. Then we finally did some fun races for our own mini Olympics.  

Sporty Sunshine Time

Friday 5th May

We have been watching our bean plants closely again this week and we were able to measure how tall most of them are now. In fact our bean plants have been growing so well we are starting to wonder if they are magic beans and we may end up meeting a giant! (Daniel's bean plant is even growing 4 stalks!) When we looked closely we noticed that the plants from the 3 different beans all look different. The leaves and the stalks look quite different. We will monitor and measure them again next week and because they are so big they may be coming home soon! 

Our Bean Plants

Friday 5th May

In Maths this week we have been looking at both 2D and 3D shapes. We have had to do lots of describing to explain exactly what the different shapes look like. (Number of sides, corners, faces. If the edges are straight or curved)

We learnt about regular and irregular pentagons and hexagons  and even had a go at making our own 3D shapes using straws.

Keep your eyes open for all these different shapes when you're at home, out playing or even at the shops!

Friday 29th April

Yesterday we went on our walk to Light Oaks Park. We were looking for some signs of Spring and also trying to recognise and name some of the plants, flowers and trees. We recognised the Oak tree and the Holly tree by the shape of the leaves. The beautiful pink blossom helped us to spot the Cherry Blossom trees and we loved standing under the leafy umbrella of the Weeping Willow. Sadly the yellow Daffodils were starting to die but we saw lots of lovely white and pink flowers on an evergreen plant! We only saw one Primrose which is a small colourful flower but we saw lots of beautiful Bluebells. One part of the park was covered in blue, purple, pink and white ones.

At the pond we didn't see any ducks but we did see a big grey Heron. We spotted his long thin legs and his long beak!

Have a look around your garden or as you walk to school and see if you can spot and learn the names of some more trees, plants and flowers.

Friday 29th April

This week in maths we have been looking at number sentences with a missing number.

Eg 12+ ? =18                                        ? + 10 = 15

We had to put the number we know in our heads and count on till we reached the total.

Maybe you could try some at home.


_+ 4 = 11

9 + _ = 17

21 + _ = 30

10 + _ = 15

14 + _ = 19

 _ + 7= 18


Friday 21st April

This week we have started our new topic about Plants, Trees and how they grow. To help us learn more about this we have all planted a bean seed that we will be monitoring closely over the next few weeks. We had 3 different types of beans and we looked closely at how the different beans had very different seeds. We look forward to seeing if as the plants grow they look different too. We will be learning that our beans need soil, water and sunshine to make them grow and will also be planting some beans without soil, some without water and some without light to investigate how this affects the growth.

Planting bean seeds

 Friday 21st April

This week's maths has been all about multiplication. We have learned that the multiplication sign means 'lots' or 'groups' of. So 2 + 2 + 2 = 6. And this is the same as 2 x 3 = 6. 3 lots of 2 make six. 

If you want to practice at home, try turning these repeated additions into multiplication number sentences. 


5 + 5 + 5 = 15        so       3 x 5 =15


2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = ? so    _ x _ = _


10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = ?   so   _ x _  =_


5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = ?   so   _ x _ = _


3 + 3+ 3+ 3 + ?     so   _ x _ =


Children who are less confident with counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 will need to practice this further

Friday 31st March

Well done everyone on some fantastic Easter hats today.We enjoyed seeing all the different ones in our hat parade and as always there were some very creative efforts. 

Have a lovely holiday laugh

Monday 27th March

Today was Year 1 Wacky Water Day and great fun was had by all. Each of the year 1 classes had 3 sessions all about water. First we had a Science session where we observed, explored and  investigated. Then we had a poetry writing session where we had to find words to describe what water looks and feels like and some of the things we do with water. Our final session involved lots of colouring, cutting and sticking as we had to make our own rain sticks - which hopefully won't actually make it rain!

As you can see from the photos below our day was filled with learning, fun and teamwork.

Friday 24th March

In maths this week we have been looking at fractions. We are getting really good at splitting shapes into half and quarters and have started to learn how to find half or quarter of a whole number.

This link is for a half and quarter shape game



This link is for a halves target board game.

Week beginning 13.3.17

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

Split Digraphs

  1. (as in shake, came) i_e (as in pipe, shine) o_e (as in hope, bone)

Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative Spellings

/ear/ as in beard, here, sneer

/sh/ as in rush, machine, issue,


Miss Yates’ Phonics Group

Revising alternative sounds ea as in bread and steal/ ie as in tie and thief.

Applying ly to create adverbs.

Revision of compound words

How to use: there/their/they’re.

Week beginning 6.3.17

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

  1. (as in when, whale) ew (as in stew, few) oe (as in toe, goes) ey (as in key, trolley) au (as in haunt, launch)


Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Revision of alternative spellings:

/oi/ as in oysters, soil

/r/ as in wrong, ring, berry

/ar/ as in arm, heart, calm

/s/ as in ice, scent, nose, miss


Miss Yates’s Phonics Group

al /all words: When a word sounds like or and has an l at the end it is

Often al – called/ball/tall/fallen.

contractions: don’t, won’t can’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t, hadn’t.

Can the children write the long and short versions?

Do they know where to put in the apostrophe

Friday 10th March - In English this week we have been writing recounts. When you write a recount it is important to think about the order that things happened, so we used good openers to start our sentences.

 Some of the openers we used were -

One Day

On Sunday

One morning




After that




We also created simple mind maps using these key questions -





We used all of these things when we wrote our recounts to help the police catch a sneaky thief! Here is the video clip we used.

We had great fun on World Book Day. Our classroom was full of an amazing selection of characters, both human and potato!!

Well done everyone on making such a great effort.


Week beginning 27.2.17

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

  1. and oi (as in enjoy and spoil) ir and ur (as in hurt and skirt) ue and oo (as in clue and tooth) aw and or (as in yawn and born)


Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative spellings

/ar/ as in arm, heart, calm /s/ ice, scent, nose, miss


Miss Yates’s Phonics Group

Adding the suffix ‘ly’ to an adjective to make an adverb.

Soft becomes softly, gentle becomes gently (lose the e), swift becomes swiftly.

adding ‘ment’ to a word to make it into a noun. Argue becomes argument, disagree becomes disagreement.

Adding ‘en’ to an adjective to make it into a verb. Red – becomes redden, white becomes whiten.


Friday 17th February -We have been continuing our work about houses and homes and this week we travelled back in time!!

 We used photographs, books and real objects to find out what it would have been like inside a house in the past. We were very surprised to learn how different it would have been and most of us decided we prefer our houses today - especially the bathroom and toilet.

Here are some photographs of the artefacts we looked at - can you remember what they are and what they do?

Week beginning 13.2.17

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

ay (as in stay/play) ou (as in cloud, sound) ie (as in pie, cried) ea (as in scream, tea)

Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative spellings:

/oi/ as in oysters, spoil and /r/as in berry, rose, wreck

Miss Yates’ Phonics Group


  • Doubling the l before a vowel suffix in a word with more than one sylabel.

travel - travelled, traveller, travelling.


  • Revision of nonsense words with split digraphs. a_e as in drame, e_e as in spreme, i_e as in flime,

o-e as in phole.

  • ie words that change their ie to y when they take on the vowel suffix ing.
    tie + ing = tying
    lie +
    ing = lying

Friday 10th February

Over the last 4 weeks in our sessions with the PE coach Mr Tiernay we have been learning the Haka. The Haka is a traditional dance originally performed by the Moari warriors of New Zealand. We now see lots of New Zealand sports teams perform the Haka before their matches. We had to remember a series of moves and how they link together and we even learnt some of the words and chant. We tried hard to look fierce, brave and scary!!  After all our hard work we performed our dance to some of the year 2 children this week.

Here are some pictures of us learning the moves.

Week beginning 6.2.17

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

ur (as in burn, curl) ure (as in pure, cure) oa (as on float, coat)

We have also been doing some longer blending looking at words such as…..

chicken, starfish, bedroom, crayon, thicker, farmyard.

Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group


/n/ as in gnome, gnat, knight, knife /ng/ as in stinking, drinking cling,

/ow/ as in /brown, trout /oo/ as in fool, few, stew

Miss Yates’s Phonics Group

We are practising adding the suffixes ly, ful and ment onto base words.

The children have revised the zh sound – as in television, pleasure, treasure, usual.

Friday 3rd February

In maths this week we looked at 3D shapes. We reminded ourselves of the names of the main 3D shapes (some of them are tricky to remember and read!) cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, sphere and pyramid and looked around the classroom for some examples of the shapes. We have also been describing the properties of each of the different shape. Eg How many faces, straight edges, corners. Can the shape roll? etc 

Here are some games you could try at home


Week beginning 23.1.17

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

This week we have been practising lots of blending with both real and nonsense words. Making sure we segment and then blend and say all the sounds, especially words that have some tricky starts or ends.

Eg – street, string, sprint, spring, three, scream, twirls, clasp, trunk.


Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative Spellings

/oo/ as in too, snooker, flute, cue, prunes /oo/(y) as in statue, argue, cute, huge, you, stew, nephew and /n/ as in next, dinner, knee, gnome


Miss Yates’s Phonics Group

We are working on suffixes: including the rules for adding suffixes for one syllable words – so big becomes bigger or biggest. (the consonant is doubled).

We have also added suffixes to make nouns - work becomes worker and farm becomes farmer. We are also busy recapping on split digraph nonsense words.


Thursday 26th January

In Maths this week we have been looking at repeated addition. This is where you have to add the same number over and over again! Eg 2+2+2+2 =   5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5=   10+10+10+10+10+10.

We found that we could work these out quite quickly by using our counting patterns. You may want to try a few of these at home.


We then looked at how we can draw and array to show a repeated addition. 

Eg 2+2+2+2+2











Can you draw an array for these repeated additions







Thank you to all the families who donated toys for our Early Years Playground. We have loved playing with them and sharing them with our friends. If you have more we would be happy to receive them.


Thank you

Mrs Willett and the Early years team

Friday 20th January

This week in maths we have been looking at place value. We have been looking at the value of the digits in a number (EG 27 = 2 tens and 7 units or 20 +7) 

We used the place value cards (see below) and some counters to show how the numbers are made up.

100’s  Hundreds

10’s   Tens

1’s   Units
























































































































Here are a couple of games you may like to try!

Friday 23rd January

This week we have been looking at a poem called Zoo Dream.

Zoo Dream

I dreamed I went
To the zoo one day.
All the animals
Came out to play.

There were
Ten whales whistling,
Nine hippos hopping,
Eight monkeys marching,
Seven lions laughing,

Six snakes skipping,
Five donkeys dancing,
Four crocodiles clapping,
Three rhinos roaring,
Two giraffes giggling
And one seal snoring.


We noticed that the animals actions all begin with the same letter as their name - this is called alliteration. We followed the pattern of the poem to create our own Zoo Dream poems making sure the animals and the verbs began with the same letter. We then had great fun 'rocking like rhinos, sliding like snakes and messing like monkeys'!

Maybe you could create a Pet Dream poem with cats crawling and fish flapping!

Week beginning 16.1.17

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

wh (as in wheel, whisk) ew (as in stew, few) oe (as in Joe and toe) au (haunt, launch) ey (key, turkey)

Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative Spellings

/oa/ ow crow, throw, mow, oe toe, hoe, doe o-e bone, home, alone, o no, go, so, both

/m/ mb comb, lamb, limb,


Miss Yates’s Phonics Group

We have been learning about the W Special spelling rule.

If an an o sound follows a w then it is likely to be spelled with an a. For example what (sounds like whot) but is spelled ‘what.’ Watch (sounds like wotch) but is spelled watch.

Practise writing: want, wallet, watching, wander,

If it follows w and sounds like ‘ur/er’ then it is likely to be spelled with an or. Eg.

Practise writing: work, worth, worship, workbench.

Friday 13th January

In English this week we have been doing lots of rhyming. We read the books Shark in the Park and Oi Frog. These books were full of rhyming words and we added to these with our own ideas for rhyming. We loved following the pattern of Oi Frog where the animals can only sit on things that they rhyme with. 

Eg Frogs sit on logs, cats sit on mats etc

Can you think where these animals could sit.........








Week beginning 9.1.17

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

ee and ea (as in sweet and meat) oa and oe (as in float and toe) ow and ou (as in growl and cloud) ure (as in cure and pure)


Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative Spellings

/oa/ ow crow, throw, mow, oe toe, hoe, doe o-e bone, home, alone, o no, go, so, both

/m/ mb comb, lamb, limb,


Miss Yates’ Phonics Group

We are beginning phase 6. This week we’ve learned to use suffixes (endings to words) using different rules.

  • If a root word ends in y – we get rid of the y and add an i . Eg) try – becomes tried. Cry becomes cried.
  • If a word has one syllable (beat) and ends in a consonant, we double the consonant before adding the suffix – clap becomes clapped, tap becomes tapped.
  • Some are simpler – just add ed. Walk becomes walked in the past tense.

Miss Mangnall and Miss Filer would like to wish all our children, parents and families a very merry Christmas and happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

Week beginning 19.12.16

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group


  1. (see, feet) oo (good, moon) igh (sight) ie (pie) ir (girl) ur (burn) aw (claw) ew (blew)

Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative Spellings

/igh/ as in /ie/ pie, /y/ spy and /i-e/ ripe

/f/ as in /ph/ phone, /ff/ cliff and /gh/ cough


Miss Yates’s Phonics Group

Alternative Spellings



Wednesday 20th December

We had a fantastic time at our party yesterday with lots of dancing and party games in the hall (we seem to have made YMCA into our class song/dance!!) followed by our party snacks back in our classroom.

Party Time!

Friday 16th December

Congratulations to all the children in Year 1 for their amazing performances in our Christmas production Superstar.

You were all fantastic smileyfrownindecisionno

Week beginning 12.12.16

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

air (as in chair) ear (as in clear) ai (as in train) ay (as in play) ar (as in sharp)       or (as in thorn)  oy (as in enjoy)  oi (as in point)


Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative Spellings

/ai/  as in: day, pale, weigh, they        /ee/        as in: cream, Pete, chief, smelly, key,

/c/ as in: duck   /ch/        as in: patch     

Miss Yates’s Phonics Group

Alternative Spellings


F (as in ph)


Week beginning 5.12.16

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

Split Digraphs

a  e (as in make)  e  e (as in theme)   i  e (as in shine)  o  e (as in hope) 

 u  e (as in cube)

Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative spellings:

/ee/ feel      /ea/ sea   /ie/ chief   /e/  she

/ch/ chip   /tch/ patch    /ture/ mixture

Miss Yates’s Phonics Group

Revising alternatives to the ea sound: – ee, ea, e_e and ie and e.

Alternatives to the i_e sound: i_e, ie, y, eye and igh and i.

Wednesday 7th December

Over the last couple of weeks we have been trying really hard to remember the order of the days of the week and the 12 months of the year. We have been reading, writing, spelling, ordering, cutting and sticking. The months of the year can be quite tricky so any help with this at home would be gratefully received!

Here is a mixed up list you could print out and re-order














Here is a link to an online games.

Here is a link to a months of the year song.


Have fun no


Week beginning 28.11.16

Miss Mangnall’s Phonics Group

Split Digraphs


a_e (as in came, shake)    i_e (as in line, chime)    o_e (as in  hope, stone)

Mrs Blake’s Phonics Group

Alternative spellings:

/ai/ rain    /a/ bacon     /ay/day     /a-e/ date 

/ei/ eight   /e-e/ fete    /ey/ they


/c/ cat     /k/ kitten    /ck/ duck    /ch/ chorus    /x/ box

/qu/ queen

Miss Yates’ Phonics Group

Revising alternative spellings:


/ai/ rain    /a/ bacon     /ay/day     /a-e/ date 

/eigh/ eighteen   /e-e/ fete    /ey/ they

/ee/ freezing   /ei / field   /ea/ team  /y/ silly  /e_e / theme ey / donkey

Alternative ways of saying ch

/ch /   church     /ch / chef      /ch/  school. 

Wednesday 30th November

In English this week we have danced to the song Superman, done The Hokey Cokey and played Simon Says!!

We noticed that all of these give us instructions and use lots of bossy (imperative) verbs. So we have done lots of verb spotting, (verbs are doing words) we have mimed different verbs for our friends to guess and we have even written our own actions to make into an action song. 

We then tried to use the bossy verb in some instructions. (Eg. How to get your milk.  How to get change your reading book) We had to make sure our instructions were in the right order and told our friends exactly what they had to do! 


Maybe you could try some of these at home too.



Superman Dance with Lyrics

Can you spot the verbs????

Here is a good verb spotting game you may want to try.

Friday 25th November

In our year 1 phonics groups this week this is what each group has been working on.....


Miss Yates' Phonic Group 





Mrs Blake's Phonic Group 

Different pronunciations of   a as in hat, bacon, was


Different pronunciations of   y as in yell, sky, myth, smelly


Different pronunciations of   ch as in church, chalet, chorus


Different pronunciations of   ow as in cow, show


Different pronunciations of   ou as in loud, soup, boulder, could



Miss Mangnall's Phonic Group

oe (as in toe)    ey (as in key)   ph (as in dolphin)      au (as in launch)

Wednesday 23rd November

In Maths this week we have been working with money. Firstly we looked at all the different coins and notes to get used to what they look like and how they all have a different value.                                         Next we worked on counting amounts of money where we had groups of the same coins. We used our knowledge of counting patterns to do this.

EG. 10p 10p 10p 10p  = 40p

2p 2p 2p 2p 2p 2p 2p 2p = 16p

5p 5p 5p = 15p


We then moved onto trying to count and then make some smaller amounts of money using 1p, 2p and some 10p's. This can be harder than it sounds as you have to remember the different values and count and add them together! 

You could have a practise at all of these using money from your piggy bank or from mum or dads pocket!!

Here are some games you cold play on the computer

Wednesday 16th November

This week we were visited by a Toy Workshop. First Don showed us copies of some of the first toys ever found. These simple pull along toys were found in the pyramids in Egypt and would have been played with about 3,000 years ago. Next we looked at how the different toys moved. They either needed a push, a pull or gravity would make it work. Finally it was time to make our own toy. Don and Katheryn had brought all the tools, wood and equipment we needed and after lots of sanding, decorating, drilling, gluing and hammering our toys were complete frown

The link below will show some of the different toys we made.


Photos of our toys to follow!

We brought some of our toys in from home and enjoyed telling each other how our toys moved and what makes them work.

Thursday 10th November 

This week in maths we have been learning about time. We have been ordering the days of the week and we loved listening to this song to help us!


We then looked at the clock and talked about what the 2 hands tell us - the long hand counting the minutes and the short hand the hours. We learnt how to tell the time and set the hands on a clock for O' clock times and half past. You can use this clock on the computer to set some times.




Or you could print and cut out a clock of your own.

Thursday 10th  November

In our year 1 phonics groups this week this is what each group has been working on.....


Miss Yates' Phonic Group 

Different pronunciations of    ou (as in should compared to loud) ch (as in chef compared to church) y (as in dry and smelly compared to yell)


Mrs Blake's Phonic Group 

Different pronunciations of     i (as in blind )  o (as in gold)  c (as in ice)   g (as in giant)       u (as in unit)



Miss Mangnall's Phonic Group

ir (as in shirt)    ue (as in blue)   aw (as in claw)      

Thursday 3rd November

In our year 1 phonics groups this week this is what each group has been working on.....


Miss Yates' Phonic Group 

Different pronunciations of     i (as in blind )  o (as in gold)  c (as in ice)   g (as in giant)       u (as in unit)


Mrs Blake's Phonic Group 

Split digraphs  a_e  (as in make) e_e (as in Steve) i_e (as in time) o_e (as in hope)  u_e (as in cube)


Miss Mangnall's Phonic Group

ay (as in play)    oy (as on toy)   ou (as in sound)      ea  (as in seat)

Thursday 3rd November

This week in English we have been learning about OPENERS. These words are used to open/start a new sentence. They also help us to keep our writing in order. 

We have been practising some actions to go with each opener, see if you can remember the action for each of these openers.

Once upon a time....

One day....

Early one morning....









In the end.......

We used the openers and actions to remember and retell this story

Thursday 20th October

In our year 1 phonics groups this week this is what each group has been working on.....


Miss Yates' Phonic Group - Different ways of reading ow  - as in snow or bow. Different ways of reading ie  - as in tie or field/shield. Different ways of reading ea as in meat/treat or instead. 


Mrs Blake's Phonic Group - wh (as in where), ph (as in phonics), ew (as in stew), ey (as in donkey). 


Miss Mangnall's Phonic Group - word endings. practice reading: belt, chimp, stand, lost. Words starting with bl or br and fr and fl:  bloat, bring, frog, flop. 

Wednesday 19th October

In English over the last 2 weeks we have been looking at poems that are all about our senses. We have then used the simple pattern of these poems to write our own versions. Using our senses to write about what we like, school sounds and what we like about the seaside.  Here are the poems we looked at, maybe you could try and write a different version at home.

Wonderful World                                                                                                          

 I can see                                                                                                    

Trees and grass,                                                                                             

The sun and sky;                                                                                          

I can taste                                                                                  

Chocolate ice cream                                                                         

Apple pie;                                                                                                                             

I can hear                                                                                           

Music, laughter,                                                                                    

Words you said;                                                                                                             

I can smell                                                                                                       

Perfume, flowers,                                                                                                    

Baking bread;                                                                                                                

I can touch                                                                                                                        

Silk and velvet,                                                                                                                 

A baby's skin;                                                                                                               

What a wonderful                                                                                                   

World I'm in!

Eva Grant


Kitchen Sounds

Porridge gloops

A sausage sizzles

The toaster clangs

The kettle whistles

Washing spins

People chatter

Knives chop

Dishes clatter

Taps gush

Pans clink

Water gurgles

In the sink.


The light clicks off

Night –time comes

And in the dark

The freezer hums.

By  Richard James


I Like......

I like the taste of toothpaste                                                                                                         tingling on my tongue.


 I like the smell of sausages                                                                                                          nuzzling at my nose.


I like the feel of sunshine                                                                                                        flickering on my face.


I like the sound of bells                                                                                                                echoing in my ears.


I like the sight of fairground lights                                                                                               flashing in the dark.

By Moira Andrew





Cookie Sensations

When I see a cookie in the baker’s shop

my mouth starts to water and my eyes go pop!


When I hold the cookie in a paper bag

the crackle and the smell start to drive me mad.


But when I bite the cookie and begin to eat

the sound is crunchy and the taste is sweet.

By Tony Mitton

Wednesday 19th October

In Maths this week we are doing lots of calculating (addition and subtraction) 

We have looked closely at the signs used in a number sentence +  -  = and what they mean and we worked on how to write number sentences. 

We then used a number line to work out the answers - counting on for addition calculations and counting back for subtraction. 

Some children tried some additions without the number line by keeping the large number in their head and counting on.

Here is a link to a good game you can play on the computer and there are different levels for when you get better and better.



Wednesday 12th October

In Maths this week we have been looking at shape. We reminded ourselves about the regular 2D shapes - triangle, circle, square, rectangle, pentagon and hexagon and started to think more carefully about their properties - Eg. Number of sides, corners, straight sides, curved sides.

We have also started to look at 3D shapes - cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cone and pyramid and their properties -Eg. Number of faces, straight edges, corners, can it roll? Why?.

We were thinking about where we can see examples of all these shapes in the environment and this is something you could try at home. Have a go at Shape Hunting around the house or when you're out and about!

Here is a a link to a shape sorting game you might like to try.

Friday 7th October

This week we have been learning all about our 5 senses. Seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. We used our sense of touch to try to guess what some things in a feely bag were. We used our sense of hearing to listen carefully and try to identify some mystery sounds. Today we had some pots with mystery smells in them - some much more popular than others!! We enjoyed trying to work out what was in the pot.

Mystery Smells!

Wednesday 28th September

This week in maths we are looking at place value. We have been looking at the value of the digits in a number (EG 27 = 2 tens and 7 units or ones or 20 +7) 

We have used dashes and dots to represent the number.

EG 36 = ///......

See if you can partition these numbers into tens and units or draw the dashes and dots.

39 =

57 = 

14 =

28 = 

60 = 

42 = 

Here are some links to some place value activities you can try on the internet.

Friday 16th September

This week we looked at some of the work of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. He liked to use lots of straight black lines to create squares and rectangles and then he filled some with colour (usually blue, red and yellow) and left others white. We created our own Mondrian style pictures using rulers and crayons. We also did some on the paint programme on the computer and some children also made some with Lego and Multilink blocks.

Friday 16th September

In Maths this week we had to try to find all the additions that make 10. We call these the number bonds to 10.

Here are 3 to get you started, can you remember or work out the rest?




Here is a link to a fun game you could try.

Friday 9th September


and welcome to Year

The children have made a fantastic start to year 1 and have already shown me that they are definitely ready for the new year and all the fun learning that lays ahead.

We have made a great start to our home reading with lots of children reading 3 times or more this week to earn their bookmark sticker. Keep it up everyone.


In Maths this week we have been completing and creating some repeating patterns. We used colours, shapes, letters, numbers and even children! This is something you can always have a go at at home using anything you have a few of!

Eg fork, fork, spoon, fork, fork________   apple, orange, apple orange_______


See if you can complete these or even create your own.