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Reception Class 4 Mrs Barnes


Welcome to our Class Page.


I hope that you enjoy finding out what we are doing in our class. This will be an area that will celebrate our learning and keep you up to date with the things that we are learning about in our class. 

Please check our page as much as you can, as there maybe  challenges and activities for you and your child to do together.


Happy Learning smiley

WB: 03.07.17

This week we have completed our final week on dinosaurs. We finished our learning using a well known story, but this time it was all about dinosaurs (We're all going on a Dinosaur Hunt)


Click on the link to look at the story we used in class. Throughout the week the children have changed the settings in their story to create their own version of the story. The children have changed the settings to include hot, fast flowing volcanoes, wobbly wooden bridges & hot sandy beaches. By the end of this week we have definitely decided that we are never going on a dinosaur hunt again!!!!

Over the last 2 weeks in Maths we have been learning all about repeated addition, as we have been counting in 2's, 5's & 10's. We have used pairs of eyes to count in 2's. groups of hands to count in 5's and our feet to count in 10's.


We have looked at how when you count in 2's, you are repeatedly adding 2 each time. The children have looked carefully at the number patterns that we have created.









Click on the links below to help the children to count in 2's and 5's.



WB: 19.06.17


Over the next few weeks we will be learning all about Dinosaurs. This week we have been learning lots of facts about dinosaurs. We have learnt the names of dinosaurs ( we have had a go at spelling these too!)  and we have looked at the different features of each dinosaurs (e.g. crest on the top of the head, armoured plates, 3 horns, long neck).


See if the children can name the dinosaurs on the power point attached below.




Simple Dinosaur Facts

WB 12.6.2017


This week we have continued our learning on Mini-beasts. We have read the story   'Superworm.' Children enjoyed making up their own super creatures and dressing up as characters. We made our superhero masks.


In Maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers. We are now experts at this. Ask your child if they can tell which numbers are odd and which are even. 


Try some of these games with your children,

Click on the link below to see the rhyme we have been learning at school to help us remember our odd and even numbers.

Odd and Even Story (Mr Odd & Mrs Even)



Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be learning about Mini-beasts. See if you can spot any mini-beasts at the park or in your garden.




This week we have been using information books and computers to find out more about insects and mini-beasts.

We wrote lists of all the insects and mini-beasts we could think of.  We wrote labels to attach to photographs of insects.  In our books we wrote down some facts that we had learnt about ants.

Do the children remember any of those facts.  Ask them and see?




In Mathematics we are beginning to look at sharing as an introduction to division.


You can help with this at home by;

  • sharing sweets between three of four people
  • sharing pretend food between a selection of toy friends
  • cutting a pizza into 6/8/10 pieces-how many each


WB: 24/04/17


This week in literacy we have been writing instructions, shopping lists and labels all about planting and growing sunflowers.

The children wrote a shopping list of all the things i needed to buy to plant some sunflowers.

Then they wrote instructions about how to plant sunflowers.

We labelled the parts of a sunflower.

Finally we looked at the life-cycle of sunflowers.

I think the children enjoyed planting sunflowers the most.

The Life Cycle of a Sunflower


In mathematics this week we have been learning about 3-D shapes.

We talked about the names of 3-D shapes such as sphere, pyramid, cylinder, cone, cube and cuboid.  We also counted how many faces, vertices(corners) and edges each shape has.

Please use your maths homework this week to help you discuss vertices, edges and faces of 3-D shapes at home.

The children loved playing a 3-D shape game on the big screen and I promised them I would put the link on the website so they could play it at home.

Only the first three parts of the game are appropriate for reception but feel free to try the other parts together.



Copy and paste the link below.

WB: 27.03.17


This week in Literacy we have been learning about the importance of following instructions. We have talked about how instructions have to be precise & exact for the reader, so that no mistakes are made.

At the start of the week we helped Mrs Barnes to make a jam sandwich, but we didn't give her precise enough instructions at first, so she got it wrong! 

Throughout the week we talked about what a good set of instructions must have:


  • A title
  • Each new instruction on a new line
  • Numbers (to show the order)
  • A 'Bossy' verb at the the start of each new instruction.


The children learnt some actions to remember the important parts of a set of instructions. The children then had a go at writing their own instructions in Guided Writing.


Later on in the week, the children followed a set of instructions to make some tasty Easter treats. 

How to make a jam sandwich (including bossy verbs)

Spring 2


In Maths during this half term, we have been learning lots of new things. We have done lots of learning on doubles, number bonds to 5 and number bonds to 10. We have been practising our double facts lots & now know most of the doubles facts to 5, off by heart. We have also played lots of games, finding the pairs of numbers that make 5 and 10.


Click on the links below to see what we have been doing in class.

Numbers Bonds to 5

Spring 2


This half term we will be learning about traditional tales & the story language used in them.

The 3 traditional tales that we will be focusing on are:

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Goldilocks & the Three Bears 
  • Little Red Riding Hood


We will be trying to learn the stories off by heart & using actions to help us remember the characters & the sequence of the story.

WB: 30.01.16



This week in mathematics we have been learning about subtraction. We have talked about what subtraction means; taking away, counting back & less than.

We have played lots of games, click on the link below to play the Rabbit Subtraction game.

This week in Literacy we have been learning all about Polar Animals. We have researched lots of information about the animals that live in the coldest place on Earth (Arctic / Antarctic). We have sorted the Polar animals into water, land & air habitats and we have discussed the similarities & differences between the animals.


Click on the link below to find out more about Polar animals.

Thank you to all the families who donated toys for our Early Years Playground. We have loved playing with them and sharing them with our friends. If you have more we would be happy to receive them.


Thank you

Mrs Willett and the Early years team



WB:16 / 01/ 17


In Literacy this week we have been learning all about China & Chinese New Year.

We looked at where China is on a map & a globe and we found out some facts about China too. Can you remember any of the facts that we learnt?


We also looked at a power point to find out how the Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year.


Click on the link to find out how they do.


This year Chinese New Year is being celebrated on Saturday 28th January 2017 and it is 'The Year of the Rooster'.

Ask your child if they can tell you how the order of the animals is decided.


Click on the link below to read the story of the New Year Race.


Picture 1

WB: 21.11.16



This week in Literacy we have been learning all about Nocturnal Animals.

At the start of the week we talked about what we knew about nocturnal animals and throughout the week we have been learning lots of new facts.


Click on the link below to find out some interesting facts about Nocturnal Animals.


The children then had to write their own fact sheet about their chosen animal.


In Mathematics over the last few weeks we have been learning about time.


We have completed 'The Minute Challenge' where the children have had to think of things that they could do in a minute (E.g. Write their name, complete a jigsaw, build a tower of 10 bricks).

The children also challenged themselves to see how many times they could write their name in a minute & what number they could write up to.


We also read the story of 'What's the Time Mr Wolf' where the children were able to learn about o'clock times. The children used the small clocks to set the times on their own clocks.


We also played lots of games of 'What's the Time Mr Wolf' outside, where Mrs Barnes took on the role of the wolf!!! :) 


Click on the power point below to see how we have been learning about telling the time in class.

WB: 07.11.16


This week in Literacy we have read the story 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey' by Julia Donaldson, where in opposite worlds the two monkeys become friends. We have talked lots about the opposites of day and night.


We have learnt what the word opposite means and we have thought of lots of opposite pairs. 


Click on the power point below and see if you can guess what the opposite of each word is.


Teen Numbers

In Maths over the last 2 weeks we been learning about the teen numbers. We have been looking carefully at the two numbers in a teen number, understanding that the one (1) in a teen number is one ten (10).

We have been using numicon tiles, unifix towers and straws to help us.

Here's a set of Numicon cards for numbers 1-31.


WB: 10.10.16



This week we have been using our senses to explore the world around us. The children have used their senses to look, hear, smell, touch and taste different things throughout the week. We have worked together to think of descriptive words to describe what they have seen, heard, smelt, touched and tasted and we have had lots of fun doing this.




We have used the Autumn leaves we collected on our Autumn walk to explore colour mixing. We have used the leaves to make leaf prints, using the primary colours of red, blue and yellow, to see what happens when you mix 2 of these colours together.



This week we have been learning about 2-D shape. We have used lots of language to describe these shapes, including corners, sides, straight and curved. We have been 'shape detectives', as we have been on a shape hunt both indoors and outdoors to find 2-D shapes around school. We have taken photographs of what we have seen.


Can you find any 2-D shapes in your bedroom, around your house?

WB: 26.09.16



We have loved looking at the children's memory boxes this week and finding out about their memories and looking at their precious things. Thank you for all of your time and support in getting these ready over the last few days. smiley





This week Maths we have been using the language of more and less to compare quantities. We have been building towers using blocks both indoors and outdoors and then finding out what is 1 more.

We have collected groups of objects around school and have used the language of more and less to compare the 2 groups.


We used a programme on the interactive screen during the screen. Click the link below to have a go.




We have had a brilliant first 2 weeks in school and the children have been superstars. 

We are looking forward to learning lots of new things over the next half term.

During this half term the children will be learning lots about themselves, their bodies, their senses and their friends.

WATCH this space to see what we have been up to in class. smiley