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Reception Class 4 Mrs Barnes


Welcome to our Class Page.


I hope that you enjoy finding out what we are doing in our class. This will be an area that will celebrate our learning and keep you up to date with the things that we are learning about in our class. 

Please check our page as much as you can, as there maybe  challenges and activities for you and your child to do together.


Happy Learning smiley


WB: 20.11.2017-Phonics


This weeks sounds are


Mrs Stirling's Group- ch,sh,th,ng.

Mrs Barnes' Group- ch,sh

Mrs Burke's Group-revision of Phase 2

Mrs Willett's Group-s,a,t,p


Please take some time to work with your children on these sounds. Segmenting and blending words containing these sounds is prefect practice.


WB: 13.11.2017


This weeks sounds are


  • Mrs Stirling's Group- y, z, zz, qu.
  • Mrs Barnes' Group- x,y,z
  • Mrs Burke's Group-l,f,b
  • Mrs Willett's Group-t,p


Please take some time to work with your children on these sounds. Segmenting and blending words containing these sounds is prefect practice.

WB 13/11/2017




In Maths this week we have been learning about time. The children have been using language related to time and beginning to read the time on an analogue clock. Ask your children to spot the o'clock times on the clock at home. Make it more challenging by asking them to read half past times. You can also talk about how long things take e.g. how long does it take to eat our tea? 1 minute or more than 1 minute? Children may also want to tell you about how many seconds are in a minute. The children have loved completing 1 minute challenges.


1 minute challenges

How many times can you write your name in 1 minute?

How many times can you jump on the spot in 1 minute?


I hope you enjoy completing the maths home work.

Also follow the links below for some fun time games.

WB: 30.10.17 & 06.11.17

Our topic for the first 2 weeks of this half term is 'Snap, Crackle and Pop'

We will be focusing on Bonfire Night and Diwali and the colours and sounds that the children experience during these celebrations.


This week we have been learning all about  Diwali - 'The Festival of Light' We have found out about the different traditions and celebrations that happen during this Hindu celebration.

The children have made their own Diva lamps, Diwali cards, created their own Mendhi  and Rangoli patterns, eaten some Indian snacks and danced to traditional Diwali music.

Click on the link below to listen to a Diwali song we have been listening to in class this week.

We have also watched some video clips in our Literacy sessions to learn more about what happens at Diwali.


Our Star Writers this half term are: Isabella, Archie, Isla, Leo & Dara. Well done to you all smiley

Scarecrow Festival



We are asking our children to make their very own scarecrow at home to celebrate the autumn season. We will be displaying all scarecrows on the school Sandhills in our very own scarecrow festival!

Please bring your scarecrow to school on Friday 13th October. Thank you!


Your children have started to bring home homework. This will be a mixture of phonics, maths and topic related homework. We have a homework basket in our classroom for all completed activities. Please put your child's homework pack in this basket once they have completed their homework.



As your child begins to learn a wide variety of letter sounds, the pronunciation of these sounds will be very important. Please watch this video for advice on how to say 'pure' letter sounds:

You may also find this video helpful in supporting your child in 'blending' letter sounds to read words:


If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff. Thank you!

Here are the key texts that we will be looking at over the next few weeks:

Happy Harvest!

As the weather grows cooler and the colours around us begin to change, we will be learning about Autumn and Harvest time. You could try going on an autumn walk to collect leaves or conkers, or explore the markets or supermarkets to see which winter vegetables are starting to appear.




We have been learning all about our senses! We have been exploring our sensory table in our classroom. Please talk to your children about our sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing at home. They can be quite tricky concepts to understand!




We have loved looking at the children's memory boxes this week and finding out about their memories and looking at their precious things. Thank you for all of your time and support in getting these ready over the last few days. smiley





This week Maths we have been using the language of more and less to compare quantities. We have been building towers using blocks both indoors and outdoors and then finding out what is 1 more.

We have collected groups of objects around school and have used the language of more and less to compare the 2 groups.


We used a programme on the interactive screen during the screen. Click the link below to have a go.




We have had a brilliant first 2 weeks in school and the children have been superstars. 

We are looking forward to learning lots of new things over the next half term.

During the next few weeks the children will be learning lots about themselves, their bodies, their senses and their family.

WATCH this space to see what we have been up to in class. smiley