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Reception Class 3 Mrs Stirling

Welcome to our Class Page.


I hope that you enjoy finding out what we are doing in our class. Have fun with the challenges set on the page and help us to celebrate our learning. Please check our page as much as you can, as there maybe  challenges and activities for you and your child to do together.


Mrs Stirling and Mrs Willet






This week in Phonics we looked at the sounds S A T P. Take time with your child to complete homework using these sounds. If you are unsure how to say the sounds correctly  follow the link below.


There are many games online you can also play with your child, here are some links.



we have been learning counting and the strategies we need to use to ensure we count accurately. ask the children what makes a good counter and see what they suggest. They all worked hard and had some good strategies.

Try some of the following games with your children.