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Reception Class 2 Mrs Dean


In literacy we have been looking at texts all about dinosaurs.

We have been using information books and poems to learn facts about dinosaurs.  We have then used these facts to make information posters.

This week we are reading the story 'The Three Dinosaurs'.  We will be making comparisons between this story and the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.

It would be helpful if you could have a go at reading the story of the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' together at home.  Talk about the main characters/settings and events.



In Mathematics we are starting to look at repeated addition.

Such as




You can help with this at home by practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.

The children really enjoyed our teddy bears picnic last week.

We made our own sandwiches.

Then we went up onto the sand-hills to enjoy the sunshine.

WB: 15/6/17.

This week we have been learning all about insects and mini-beasts.

We have been on lots of bug hunts and we have made a wormery for our class room.

Perhaps you could go on a bug hunt in your back garden or at the local park.

In school we found wood-lice, shield bugs, ladybirds, earwigs, ants and worms.

What did you find at home?


This week we have been using information books and computers to find out more about insects and mini-beasts.

We wrote lists of all the insects and mini-beasts we could think of.  We wrote labels to attach to photographs of insects.  In our books we wrote down some facts that we had learnt about ants.

Do the children remember any of those facts.  Ask them and see?



In mathematics we are beginning to look at sharing as an introduction to division.

You can help with this at home by;

  • sharing sweets between three of four people
  • sharing pretend food between a selection of toy friends
  • cutting a pizza into 6/8/10 pieces-how many each


The fallen tree area is now open.

The children have really enjoyed exploring this new area and have followed our safety rules well.

Please remember this area is for use in school time only and should not be used after school.


In literacy this week we have been reading the story 'We're going on a treasure hunt'.

This is part of our focus this half term about pirates.

Do you have any pirate stories at home that you would like to bring into school to share?

Perhaps you could go to the library together and find some fiction or non-fiction books about pirates.



In mathematics this week we have been looking at addition.

Now we are working on addition with bigger numbers it is important that the children understand and use a number line for addition problems.

Please pick up a number line from the classroom to take home and use.

The children loved this pirate addition song-follow the link below to have a go at home.


Guinea Pigs.

Our class have had the responsibility of looking after the guinea pigs this week.

Autumn and Winter have been very well looked after.

Thank you for all your kind donations of hay/sawdust and food.  We still need lots more!

WB: 24/4/17


This week in literacy we have been writing instructions, shopping lists and labels all about planting and growing sunflowers.

The children wrote me a shopping list of all the things i needed to buy to plant some sunflowers.

Then they wrote instructions about how to plant sunflowers.

We labelled the parts of a sunflower.

Finally we looked at the life-cycle of sunflowers.

I think the children enjoyed planting sunflowers the most.


In mathematics this week we have been learning about 3-D shapes.

We talked about the names of 3-D shapes such as sphere, pyramid, cylinder, cone, cube and cuboid.  We also counted how many faces, vertices(corners) and edges each shape has.

Please use your maths homework this week to help you discuss vertices, edges and faces of 3-D shapes at home.

The children loved playing a 3-D shape game on the big screen and I promised them I would put the link on the website so they could play it at home.

Only the first three parts of the game are appropriate for reception but feel free to try the other parts together.

Copy and paste the link below.


We have had a visit from some chicks this week.

The children loved holding them and learning how to look after them.

It also helped us to compare the life-cycle of a sunflower with the life-cycle of a chicken.

Please ask your children to try and describe the life-cycle of a sunflower or a chicken.


What a lovely week we have had with all of our Easter and spring time celebrations.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into making the Easter hats.  We have some very creative children and parents.



The children really enjoyed making Easter nests.  We wrote and followed our own instructions.

Our Easter egg roll was a great success.

10 eggs managed to survive the roll down the hill.

Have a happy and safe Easter break everyone!


This week we had a visit from the team at pets at home.

The children really enjoyed learning all about the animals they brought with them.  They brought a bearded dragon, a Siberian hamster, two guinea pigs and a corn snake.  We talked about where the animals came from, what they liked to eat and how to care for them.

The children were all really sensible and caring with the animals.

In literacy this week we have been looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

We listened to the story and then thought of actions to help us remember the different parts.

Have a look at these photographs together and see if your child can remember which part of the story is being acted out.

In mathematics this week we have been learning number bonds to five-all of the pairs of numbers that can be added together to make five.

The children loved playing a matching game using this knowledge.

Follow the link below and have a go at home together.


Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our world book day celebrations.

The children loved coming into school in their book character costumes.

They also enjoyed showing each other their 'book character potatoes'.


In class this term we are learning about traditional stories.

Last week we looked at the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.  We talked about the characters and setting and then we created story maps.

The children used play-dough to create some lovely models of the pigs.

Please have a go at retelling the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' at home.  Which characters do we meet?  What setting do they visit?

This week we are looking at the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  If you have any copies of this book at home please do let the children bring them in to share.

In mathematics we have been learning about doubling numbers.  The children need to know the following addition facts.






We have learned a song to help us remember these facts.  Ask your child to sing it with you at home.

WB: 6/2/17

We have been learning all about pets this week.

Thank you to the children who brought in their pets to show the class.  It was a really interesting and exciting experience for the class.

Try asking your child these questions to see if they can remember what we found out.

What do rabbits eat?

When do hamsters sleep?

What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise?

How do chickens pick up their food?


WB: 30/1/17

We have a fantastic time this week.  Our talent show was a huge a success. All of the children took part. We were really impressed by how confident all of the children were.


This week in literacy we have been on a fact finding mission about animals that live in the Arctic.

We have learnt about Arctic foxes, polar bears and seals.

Why not have a go at researching Arctic animals at home.  I would love to see what you can find out.


In mathematics we have been looking at subtraction.

The children really enjoyed playing a rabbit subtraction game.

Follow the link and have a go at home.

WB: 23/1/17

Happy Chinese New Year!

We have had a fantastic time this week celebrating Chinese new year.  The children have enjoyed a traditional Chinese dance workshop.


We enjoyed trying on lion dance and traditional costumes.

Tasting Chinese food was particularly popular.

We retold the story of the animal race and how the years of the Chinese zodiac got their names.  The children loved making masks and acting the story out.

Finally we used all of the wonderful things we had made to create a beautiful display for all the school to enjoy.


We have been looking at addition this week in mathematics.

We have looked at how to read an addition sentence (e.g. 4+2=)

We have used objects such as cubes or our fingers to count the amounts altogether and work out the answer.

All children have been given an addition game to take home and play.  Please try to do this together as it will really help to reinforce the learning which has been taking place in school.